Chocolate Truffles For Valentine’s Day

I run a chocolate store in a little town. We also serve coffee and teas, but that’s just an added bonus that comes along with it. It’s not what people come in for. Specifically, we make chocolate truffles of any kind. We do milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. For different times of the year or for special events, we definitely try to get a theme going for the topping of our truffles, which is obviously going to be a valentine’s day themed for this one that is upcoming.

The options that we have come up with are all a chocolate or white chocolate dusting with a variety of red and pink sparkly decorative sprinkles. We also add finely chopped nuts on many of these (only on the requested orders because we don’t want to put anyone in distress). We also decorate with red or pink regular sprinkles, which we sell for a slightly lower price, for those people who tend to buy for their families, specifically their children.

There’s a lot of work that goes into making the ganache which is the main part of the truffle that is on the inside. Without getting into too much detail, I can say that I stick to two basic recipes which are always a hit. My Cuisinart food processor does most of the work for me.

I decided to order extra parts online, specifically from KitchenWorksInc. They sell Cuisinart dfp-14 parts. They are actually made by Cuisinart which is great because you know that they’ll work. What’s better than that? Not a whole lot when you’re running a business like mine that depends on things working. Plus, I use my Cuisinart food processor so much, I need to have the extra parts on hand, just in case.

We have several orders that have been placed well in advance, which is great. We even have an order for a large wedding order coming up! I know that my Cuisinart food processor is going to have its work cut out for it, and so will I. I may even be purchasing a new one to train an employee on how to use it to make the truffles so orders don’t fall behind.

I can hardly believe how my little business has blossomed into what it is, and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve been able to give people jobs and help do things to help our local community, like hold fundraisers for different causes, all because my business is doing so well. It’s really a dream come true and more.

I never once imagined that I could attribute my success to a tool that I use in my kitchen, but if it wasn’t for my Cuisinart food processor, I really wouldn’t be able to pull it off, and especially not in the allotted time frame. I highly recommend this product to everyone really, but especially those that have any plans to create a business like my own. It’s been the biggest help I could have asked for.