Some facts about E-cigarettes

Since the beginning of human history, people have been smoking all over the world. But it was declared by the researchers that smoking is dangerous for humans as it affects the lungs of the user and decreases the longevity of human life. In order to avoid this, humans have developed a new product which helps them to smoke in a safe way. It is known as electronic cigarette Australia. The e-cigarette is a battery operated device which emits dozes of vaporized nicotine, or non-nicotine solutions. The liquid solution is then burned, and some kind of smoke is generated. This smoke is then inhaled by the user. It is less harmful as compared to traditional regular cigarettes. When a person smokes using e-cigarettes, it is known as vaping.

History of E-cigarettes

The first non-tobacco cigarette was founded by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1967. He was from Beaver Falls, PA. It was the first step of making a harmless and much safer non-tobacco cigarette which do not burn tobacco to produce the smoke. Another attempt to make this E-cigarette possible was initiated by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, who used a piezoelectric element to vaporize the nicotine solution liquid. He intended to make much less harmful cigarettes as his father passed away from lung cancer due to smoking tobacco cigarettes. After working very hard and trying to end the deaths caused by tobacco cigarettes, Hon Lik introduced the E-cigarettes to the Chinese market. When the E-cigarettes became very popular among the Asians, these E-cigarettes found its way to the European market as it was sold in heavy amount through the internet. Then there was no looking back as the E-cigarettes have taken over the world, and everyone, especially the smokers gave it a try. They said that the pleasure and feeling of smoking E-cigarette were the same as that of tobacco cigarettes.  By now, almost 49% of the total smokers have converted to vaping and are liking it very much as the number of flavors is far more than that of the traditional ones.

How E-cigarettes work

When the user takes the e-cigarette into the mouth, a sensor present in the e-cigarette gets activated which in turn activates a heating element which burns the flavored liquid solution. The smoke generated from the liquid solution is then inhaled by the user.

Main parts of the E-cigarette:-

  • Mouthpiece
  • Heating element
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Electronic circuits

All of these components work together to produce the smoke. When the e-juice gets finished, the user can buy another bottle of e-juice. The price of these liquid solutions is very cheap. The user only needs to buy a pack of liquid solution bottles. The E-cigarette doesn’t need to change or replaced as long as it doesn’t get damaged. The researchers are still verifying whether the nicotine liquid is safe for the user. When the liquid is manufactured, it is completely safe. But when the liquid is burned, there may be some harmful chemicals in the smoke. This is why currently it is not recommended by the researchers to not vape as long as there is not much information.