Is Pet Ownership for You? Things to Know Before Getting a Pet

Having a pet is a great experience. You have someone to empathize with you, to make you smile, and to basically force you to exercise. They’re fun to have around, and they can be funny. That’s why many people often opt to have pets when living alone. However, before you decide to get a pet, there are some things to keep in mind. They’re not like toys that you can get and forget- they’re living beings with needs and require care and attention. To better know what those needs are, here are a few to help you out.

They Need Regular Vet Checkups

As a pet owner, you are expected to bring your fur baby to the vet for regular checkups. This ensures that they get their shots, and you can also get proper advice from your vet about the pet’s health condition. In addition, this is also the best opportunity to get your pet microchipped. Giving your pet a microchip is optional, but it can greatly help your pet in the future. The microchip isn’t necessarily a GPS tracker that’ll help you find your pet if they accidentally run away, but it can help whoever finds your pet to track you instead.

They Need Exercise

Pets need to move around and work their muscles and joints now and then. It keeps them healthy and agile, and it also helps in keeping their behavior under control. Just like we get advice from our doctor to work out and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, so do pets. This is actually not so much of a burden for pet owners, but it’s more of a good reason to switch to a more active lifestyle.

Training Is Helpful

While some pets are naturally docile and easy to handle, that won’t be the case every time. Especially when going for cats and dogs. Both dogs and cats have boundless energies. They will be running all over your house and coming up to no good. That’s why it’s important to train your pets how to be undisruptive. Of course, you can teach them on your own, especially if you want to pour in the time to learn more about pets.

However, you can also have a professional train your dog or cat. Putting in the effort to train your pet won’t just be to your benefit, but also theirs’. You will better understand their needs, personality quirks, and how they express their love. 

They Have a Specific Diet

Much like humans, our pets need to be on a specific diet to stay healthy. Different kinds of pets often have different dietary requirements, and familiarizing yourself with what they need to eat will help keep them healthy. However, other than knowing what food they need to eat, it’s also important to know what food to avoid. Certain types of food are dangerous for our pets, chocolates being among the most well-known ones.

Pick Up After Them

As a future fur parent, you also have the responsibility of picking up after your pet, especially when outside. Things like picking up their poop and throwing it in the trash properly, or making your little puppy wear a diaper so that they don’t pee on random spots, are some of the things you really have to do. Not only is it courtesy to other people, but it’s also a responsibility you carry as a citizen. Because, of course, you wouldn’t leave your trash carelessly by the road either, so the same is expected of your pet.

Other Factors to Consider:

Your Neighborhood. Is your area pet-friendly? Especially if you intend to have free-roaming pets, it’s best to have understanding neighbors. Cats and dogs will bark and meow loudly. Cats will wander everywhere. You want to have a neighborhood that’s welcoming towards pets of all kinds.

The Space You Have. Your pets need space just as much as you do. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, a small dog or a cat can work better for you. Wanting a highly active dog breed in such a small space will end in difficulty for both you and your pet.

Your Lifestyle. Do you live an active lifestyle? You might want a pet who can go as hard as you do. If you live a relaxed lifestyle, it’s best to get a calmer pet. Match the pet with your lifestyle, as having a pet with the appropriate requirements can mean fewer problems for you.


Having a pet is fun. There’s no denying that. But always remember it’s a responsibility. Understanding what those responsibilities are is the key to living a happy life with your pet.


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