Laptop case Protection

The protective qualities of the Laptop case depend on its design and the material used.

  • The stability of the Laptop case to shocks. It is provided with a rigid frame, air bag (from side impacts), and soft shock-absorbing walls (laptop compartment). Such walls also protect the laptop from exposure to low temperatures.
  • The stability of the Laptop case to moisture. Synthetic materials (polyester, nylon) are impregnated with a waterproof composition, other materials, with the exception of natural fabrics, resist moisture well.
  • Stability of the Laptop case to wear. To enhance it, nylon Laptop cases are reinforced – stitched with metal or other sturdy threads. Choose a Laptop case with reliable metal fittings (locks, fasteners). Despite the fact that modern types of plastic are characterized by high strength, and the material itself is lighter than metal, the latter is still preferable.

The more protection options are implemented in the Laptop case, the lower the risk of damage to the laptop in a force majeure situation. True, this “multi-stage” protection increases the cost and weight of the product.

Laptop case Size

The size of the Laptop case directly depends on the diagonal of the device screen (measured in inches). The diagonal of the laptop screen ranges from 10-20 inches. The most common devices with a diagonal of 14-15.6 inches, for which bags are suitable 14-16 inches, respectively.

As a general rule, the size of the bag should match the size of the laptop. The device should sit tight in the bag and easily removed from it. It is possible that the bag size is slightly larger than the diagonal of the screen. For example, for an 18-inch screen, a bag designed for a 19-inch laptop will do.

Important: Often, laptops with different screen sizes are the same size. Therefore, in a bag designed for 18-inch screen, can fit 17 and 19-inch laptop. The reverse is also true: laptops from different manufacturers with the same diagonal of the matrix may differ in size.

Choosing a Laptop case must take into account the thickness of the laptop. Older laptops are characterized by a large thickness – they may not fit in a bag designed for modern models.

Pay attention to the screen format (4: 3 or 16: 9) – each of them will require bags of different shapes. Carefully inspect the laptop: various protrusions on the device (including high-capacity batteries) may affect the choice of Laptop case. Therefore, it is advisable to try on the Laptop case before purchasing.

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