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Why Planting Enriches The Life Of A Child

Outdoor activities, such as playing with friends and gardening, are healthy for children. Having them assist in growing plants establishes habits that help them respect and appreciate nature. Like other outdoor activities, gardening promotes growth and development for these young minds.

Although you can always hire the help of professionals for their skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico, taking care of your garden with your child from time to time is a great habit that can create immense results for your child’s health and well being. If you want to know more about how planting enriches the life of a child, then keep on reading down below.

  • Great Stress Reliever

Having a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants makes you feel relaxed. The same goes for gardening. It helps children calm themselves by giving them time alone to be at peace with themselves while breathing fresh air. Once they grow into adults, they will be more comfortable initiating time alone and thinking. They won’t be needing to learn to relax because they have an outlet since their childhood and that is something they will carry throughout their lives.

  • Good Body Exercise

Time often flies when you spend an afternoon in the garden, and before you know it, you’ve done so much physical exercise and have sore muscles the next morning. Various tasks, like digging, hoeing, and raking, use lots of muscles in both the upper and lower part of the body. However, if your garden is big and is too much for you and your child to handle, you can always ask help for garden maintenance or even weed control service at Amico and other professional gardeners.

  • Encourages Healthy Eating

Most children can’t resist the urge to tasting the produce of the plants and vegetables they grew.

The fun in gardening is seeing and tasting the results. The feeling of finally reaping their hard-earned work and sharing it with their family will make their lives enriched and happier. It will teach them the value of hard work and appreciate the food they eat knowing how many processes it had to go through before tasting it in their mouths.

Studies also show that students who have hands-on gardening programs and activities developed preferences for healthy snacks. Demonstrating the process of gardening and letting them experience it firsthand makes them appreciate healthy eating and prevent negative health effects like obesity in the future.

Aside from the exercise, children will also learn a pattern of healthy activities and understand the physical tasks of growing fruits and vegetables which will promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Builds Confidence

One of the most crucial aspects to develop in a child’s personality is their confidence. Taking care of plants and seeing it bloom flowers or bear fruits takes patience and hard work. It makes them feel more capable, confident, and build’s a sense of competence in them which is vital as they engage in real life events and activities.

  • Develops Analytical Abilities & STEM

Important skills such as planning, organizing, initiation, and reasoning can be developed through gardening exercises. Children should be advised to read up on how plants grow, the tools they will need and how to use or consume them after they grow and bear fruits. You should also encourage your child to consider possible outcomes of their choices every time they ask questions to develop their scientific curiosity and development.

Final Word

Gardening is a great way to bond with your kids and enrich their lives. Start early and instill into them the many benefits you can reap in growing your garden plants.