3 Professional Concrete Cleaning Services: How are They Better? 

Cleaning the exteriors of a building is different from cleaning the interiors. Whether it’s the roof that you’re planning to clean, the windows, or the walls, doing it by yourself is not just mundane but also risky. The slopes on the roof and the windows on the upper floors are all risky in terms of taking a fall. Besides, you can’t get satisfaction by cleaning these surfaces yourself since they require special treatment to look brand new. Hence, taking the help of the following professional services is the most logical thing to do. You can have a look at those services in the guide below! 

  1. No-Pressure Roof Cleaning

Professionals use a chemical solution in the place of water to clean the roof. There are numerous benefits of following this technique. 

  1. Water at a high pressure harms the paint, but the chemical solution does not. 
  2. Water cannot remove organic growth, but chemicals can. 
  3. Water enters the cracks in the concrete that leads to moisture, but the chemical doesn’t since it gets dry within 2-3 minutes. 

Professionals analyze the kind of organic growth and then use the chemical that targets that specific growth. The minute the algae or moss come in contact with the chemical, they instantly die. 

The professionals then use a very soft-bristle brush to remove as many chunks as possible without peeling the paint underneath. Whatever is left of the dead organic growth is washed off by the rain and wind. 

  1. Window Cleaning Services

It’s important to understand what’s the right pressure to clean glass windows so that the glass surface doesn’t crack. Professionals are not only aware of what’s the right pressure for different types of glasses, but they also have the right soaps and detergents to clean the glass properly so that it gets spotless. They have the correct gear and equipment that enables them to access windows on the upper floors. Hence, you can call them for cleaning the windows of both commercial buildings and residential buildings. 

  1. Concrete Softwashing Services for Walls

Walls can easily develop holes if water is sprayed on them at high unregulated pressure and speed. That’s, however, not the case with softwashing. For instance, the Zachs pressure washing technique uses water in bulk volume at low pressure to take away dirt and dust. The professionals, additionally, use a blend of powerful soaps and detergents that first kill organic growth from the sidings and then remove it. It means, all the good stuff stays and only the bad stuff is removed.

To sum up, the professional services that we have listed above will not just save your effort, they will also save your time.