5 Useful Features of Commercial Roller Shutters

Business owners are always on the lookout for fixtures for their business establishments that are not only functionally reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. Commercial roller shutters are a good answer to these requirements. In fact, they are becoming more and more commonplace on shop fronts, shopping centres, arcades, clubs, and other similar establishments. Commercial roller shutters have a lot of useful features and we have listed its key features below.


The most useful feature that commercial roller shutters can offer to businesses is security. Commercial roller shutters completely cover the entrances to establishments, with a secure lock safely in place to prevent unauthorized personnel from attempting to raise the shutters to get to the entrance doors. Commercial roller shutters can also be made of aluminium and polycarbonate, both of which are strong materials in their own right. Polycarbonate may be made of transparent material but unlike glass, it is shatter proof. Police riot shields and blast shields are made of polycarbonate, which means that even though it is lightweight, it has high impact resistance qualities. Although aluminium is one of the more lightweight and malleable metals, it is a tough and durable material that does not give like plastic polycarbonate does. It retains its shape better and can also withstand considerable amount of force. All of these features put together are enough to efficiently deter burglars.


Commercial roller shutters that are made of opaque material like aluminium serve as the privacy feature of these products. This effectively protects your business from unwelcome prying eyes from peering into your shop or building. Commercial roller shutters also provide a certain level of noise reduction. This means that you can engage in conversations with your business partners or staff about confidential matters without worrying of people from the outside might be able to overhear the things you say. In the same manner, commercial roller shutters can also keep out the noise from outside so you can carry out your business inside the safety of your building in peace.

Protection Against Elements

The very material and structure of commercial roller shutters not only provide protection against the weather but against other elements like external fires. External fires can get inside buildings through wooden doors and windows. This is important to note given how we have seen an increase in the occurrences of wildfires these past few years. Most commercial roller shutters are made of a virtually unbreakable material that can withstand high temperatures of up to 1200° C. This same highly durable material can withstand high-impact blows from extreme weather conditions like storms and tornadoes.

Energy Saver

A fairly significant amount of energy escapes through windows. In the summer, the cool air from air-conditioners often escapes through the windows. On the same note, warmth from heaters that are activated during winter can also escape through windows. These can cause your electricity consumption bill to shoot up. Installing commercial roller shutters on windows turns it into an energy-saving feature for your business establishment. It helps keep the cool or warm atmosphere inside the building. As a result, this willhelp you conserve energy by not forcing your air-conditioners or your heaters to work harder to maintain the temperature inside the building.


Gone are the days when commercial roller shutters were nothing more than unsightly garage doors. Recent improvements to this technology have not only made it highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the physical characteristics of the building on which you plan to install commercial roller shutters, you can choose from different materials to find a good design match. The curtain of these roller shutters rolls neatly along the side guides and tuck nicely into pelmet boxes once raised when not in use.Commercial roller shutters also come with clean finishes on their surface. Aluminium roller shutters often come in a clear, anodised finish in standard colour. This gives the surface a decorative and sturdy finish that is resistant to rust and does not chip or peel.

Commercial roller shutters are quite easy to install in business establishments who are looking to enhance their building, whether in terms of additional security measures or aesthetic value. This is especially true at the hands of professionals who have gathered expertise on commercial and even domestic roller shutters through the years. Are you looking to hire such professionals so you can fit your business establishments with the best commercial roller shutters in the market?