A Brief Guide To Buy Yourself An Over The Range Microwave

An over the range microwave is one that is installed literally, over the range of your kitchen cooking station. It is built-in and provides ventilation and circulation, as well. You can release and re-circulate the air outside the kitchen, and even outdoors.

Over the range microwaves have become more popular because of their multiple functionality. Instead of looking for a special place to mount your microwave, over the range microwaves come pre-designed to be installed above your cooktop or countertop. This design helps the microwave to blend seamlessly with the flow of the kitchen design and helps in the ventilation of the kitchen smoke.

As per standards and regards, while looking for the correct fit for your kitchen, there are a couple of things to be kept in mind.

  1. The integration

Integration of the over the range microwave is important for your kitchen because it defines the style of how the aesthetics would come to be. Integration simply means how the placement and design of your equipment flows into the room’s natural space. For instance, in some small kitchens, the OTR will be placed right above the stovetop. In bigger and well ventilated spaces, it can even be shifted to the sidebar cook-tops.

  1. The functionality

Functionality differs according to the price range. The OTR performs the function of a microwave, a ventilating duct and an accessory, all in one. You might need to compromise on one of these, if you lower your budget. But be rest assured, you will get the value of the appliance for the price you pay.

  1. The ventilation mechanism

If it is crucial for you to have an OTR that doubles in ventilation, be mindful of the space that you provide it to breathe out. For example, does the air have a mechanism to flow outside, or will it have to be blown out inside your home only? Before you make the purchase, it is important to consider this along with the cost incurred for overall installation and other additional charges.

  1. Kitchen spacing

Kitchens, just like homes, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are symmetrical, some are geometrical and others are plain crooked. It doesn’t mean you cannot have an OTR installed in your home. What it means is that you need to be mindful of your kitchen spacing, the electrical as well as plumbing fittings and fixtures, and how you can manage to incorporate a microwave around your cooking area.

  1. Warranty period

This is one of the first and the major things to look closely into, when you go out to buy any piece of equipment, furniture or appliance for the household. We are not just talking about the yearly or monthly warranty expense, but also the fine print. What are the conditions applied on your warranty? Are there any additional benefits? What would be the follow up maintenance after the warranty period is over?

Lastman’s Bad Boy’s range of over the range microwaves are created to fit in kitchens of all sizes, designs and ventilation systems.