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An Easy Guide to Using Dark and Light Furniture To Style Your Home


Dark furniture is visually heavier, but elegant. The clear ones, versatile. Here you will know how to use each one and when it is more convenient to do so. These are its pros and cons.

White or black? Maybe gray, don’t you think? Not everything is one color or another. Extremes are sometimes difficult to carry. But when it comes to decoration, choosing dark or light furniture can have its compelling reasons. In this article, you will know how to position yourself according to the space to be decorated. Maybe in a house, one has dark furniture; but in another of light furniture. What does each contribute? When to use them? Here are the answers to solve this dilemma.

Dark Furniture vs Light Furniture

Let the combat begin! The first thing that is highlighted among each one is that dark furniture is very elegant and is a good option for a special piece, striking in design. Something you want to highlight. For example, an antique piece in black is a jewel. For its part, light furniture is more neutral and basic (no less interesting). Perhaps they are more timeless and adapt well to all styles. If you don’t want to risk, they are the safe option.

Use of Light Furniture Items

Light furniture, whether in neutral colours or soft wood, is suitable to decorate an entire room and you will not get tired of them. You can mix lacquers, painted furniture and woods and get it right. Dark furniture will serve you here to provide contrast, volume. However, you should not decorate an entire room with dark furniture because it would be very heavy, unless you take into account other characteristics of the space and it lends itself to it.

  • Well, because there are very bright (natural light) and spacious rooms in which the dark furniture fits perfectly. This also leads to another basic characteristic of dark and light furniture, the most mentioned: the light ones should be used in small houses and / or with low light and the dark ones are reserved for the opposite. This does not mean that you cannot use a dark piece of furniture in a small house, you could do it in auxiliary pieces, of light design (in metal, for example) or only in a larger piece of furniture. Something to highlight undeniable! The light furniture results in quieter rooms, the kind that invite calm.

Another inherent characteristic of dark furniture and that can help you decide on one is the added sophistication that it puts in the decoration. It does not have to be a black piece of furniture, intense grey will give contrast and elegance without the visual power that black has. Any one of them is sophisticated and will make your presence known.

Last Words

Imagine a designer bookcase in a dark colour perfect. But dark furniture is also more linked to classic styles if it is about woods. The design will have a lot to say (a rectilinear dark wood furniture is not the same as one that is carved or with mouldings). Nor is a dark cherry wood, it is more traditional, the same as a wedge. But always light furniture will result in more modern spaces.

For more ideas on light and dark colours used in interior design, we recommend you to make a visit to https://www.homees.co/articles/dark-coloured-furniture. Here you can find more inspiring ideas to execute in your own home right away!