How Does Androfil Steroid Work In Men? Pros And Cons

Androfil gel for bodybuilding is a drug that is used to treat low testosterone in men. Its job is to help patients overcome any hormone secretion issues that might leave them with low natural levels of the male sex hormone. This can help to combat a range of symptoms, including low muscle mass, weight gain, low energy, depression and impotence.

However, while Androfil can be used medically, it is also commonly used by bodybuilders in order to increase muscle size, strength and definition. By raising levels of testosterone, Androfil can increase anabolism, leading to accelerated muscle growth and improved athletic performance.

The question for those considering taking this route is whether Androfil is a good choice for them. At the same time, they should also ask themselves what the best form of Androfil is for them and whether they should use gels or capsules in particular. Let’s take a closer look and find out.

How does it work?

Androfil is designed to increase testosterone and can be used either as a gel or as a capsule. The gel is applied topically to be absorbed through the skin, whereas capsules can be swallowed. Both forms of the product should affect testosterone levels in a similar way. However, there are some users that feel the gel is less effective overall when it comes to building lean muscle mass.


Either form of Androfil though should have similar effects, in that it will lead to increased muscle mass as well as replacing and increasing testosterone. Any difference in the two delivery methods should be relatively minor.

Note that both Androfil gel and capsules contain Testosterone Enanthate. This is a form of synthetic testosterone, which means that you’re literally adding more testosterone into your body. The ‘enanthate’ part of the name refers to the ester, which impacts the pharmacokinetics, as well as the half-life.

Because you are using pure liquid testosterone, this means that there is no risk of liver toxicity. Thus there is no reason to avoid oral use.


But that said, Androfil in general still comes with a wealth of other side effects and should only be used when directed by a doctor.

While Androfil might be appealing to bodybuilders for its muscle-enhancing effects, it’s important to also recognize that raising testosterone unnaturally can be dangerous and comes with many side effects. For starters, increasing testosterone will cause many side effects directly such as acne, mood swings and potentially male pattern baldness. As testosterone can convert to estrogen, you also run the risk of side effects associated with high estrogen.