Cancer crowdfunding for an emergency situation

Medical science has made cancer detection and treatment easier than before. Today we have a wide range of treatments available for cancer depending on the type, stage and location of the cancer. Early detection of cancer is however considered the most important aspect in survival of cancer. Unfortunately, for people who cannot afford healthcare, things become incredibly difficult. For a lot of people, cancer is detected at the last stage which requires for the treatment to start immediately. Medical fundraising is one of the most important reasons why people raise money online. This is because medical treatment is expensive in a country like India where there is no uniform health insurance for citizens. Government hospitals in most parts of India are overcrowded and private hospitals are too expensive. These are the reasons why many people resort to cancer crowdfunding when they are diagnosed.

Cancer crowdfunding is important as it has the potential to save lives. Unlike medical loans, crowdfunding does not involve paying interests. It prevents the depletion of savings as is experienced by most middle class families when someone is diagnosed with cancer. It can be used by people who have savings plus those who don’t this is why creating a healthy crowdfunding culture is important.

If you are crowdfunding on an emergency basis particularly cancer, there are some things you have to keep in mind. Your first move should be to start the fundraiser on a site which is experienced with crowdfunding. A quick search will reveal your best option. You can also talk to other people who have done online crowdfunding before in order to seek guidance about the process. Once you have your crowdfunding site, you have to write your fundraiser. If you are crowdfunding for cancer, there is a big chance that you might not find the time for your fundraiser. This is when your campaign manager comes in handy. Make sure that your crowdfunding site provides you with a campaign manager in exchange for your service fees.

Your campaign will need to be publicized. However, this is going to be different for you because you are working on limited time. Hence, you will have to call up a few of your friends and family, explain the urgency of the situation and ask them to share and repost your fundraiser. You have to bank on the urgency of the matter to depend on your well-wishers to share your fundraiser. Eventually as your team is formed, you can go about sharing and reposting your fundraiser more conventionally. But when you start you will have to depend on the urgency of the situation to get your message through.

Medical crowdfunding India is not just about raising money on social media One of the most important things about medical crowdfunding is to contact people you know over email and other means. It is also important to tell these people the state of the patient. If you however think that your social media accounts do not have enough reach to raise the target amount, you can ask others to do it for you. A good way to deal with cancer crowdfunding on an emergency basis, is to find out someone who has the social media outreach and credibility to raise money. For example, if any of your friends are social media celebrities, or if any of them are influential in any way, ask them to share your fundraiser. This makes it possible for you to reach people you have never heard of.

Lastly, crowdfunding for cancer is a safe, risk free, low investment way to raise money for cancer treatment. If you need money urgently for treatment, you should consider this option.