Do You Want to Spend Less Time Caring for Your Yard? Here’s What You Need to Do

Keeping a welcoming, beautiful backyard doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Spending an hour or two cleaning your yard or tending your garden can be relaxing. But it will no longer be enjoyable once it starts to take more of your time. Fortunately, there are simple ways to achieve a low-maintenance backyard.

For one, be intentional about what to build or add to your backyard. Pick materials and design elements that are durable and easy to maintain in the first place. Also, fix minor issues before they become serious and costly.

Here are more ideas to help you achieve a backyard that won’t take much of your time. These can help you whether you want to redesign your outdoor space or plan to create one for your new home.

Ensure a strong foundation

Want a gorgeous backyard space where you can entertain guests and hang out with your loved ones? You need a solid foundation first. This move is structurally sound, too. Building a strong foundation for pavers and stone surfaces will help prevent costly repairs later. For instance, if you want a patio, ask your contractor to lay at least a four- or six-inch layer of compacted soil or stones before building the patio.

With a strong foundation, you can keep your patio level. You can also prevent weeds from sprouting. Imagine all the time you can save from maintaining your patio. Plus, you might no longer need residential weeding and re-leveling services should you want to change pavers after a few years.

Watch out for sewer line problems

When a sewer line breaks, it can be trouble for your home and yard. Often, the culprit is a tree root. Tree roots can damage sewer pipes over time. In the past, the only way to fix this issue is to dig up the yard, remove the broken pipes, and install new ones. Then, you have to piece your yard together and restore the landscaping and other design elements. It is an expensive repair service. Fortunately, many plumbing contractors now provide affordable trenchless sewer line repairs that don’t require any digging.

Still, it’s best to avoid getting the repair in the first place. You should watch out for signs of sewer line repair issues. One sign is a sunken area in your backyard. An unexplainable bad odor is also an indicator. You should also be wary if you notice a section of your yard that is constantly wet, even if it’s sunny.

Go for native plants

For your garden, it’s always wise to choose native plants that thrive specifically in your area. You won’t find it difficult to establish these plants. Plus, they don’t need much water and upkeep to grow. That means you no longer have to worry about re-planting every after season. More importantly, with native plants in your backyard, you can contribute to the local biodiversity in your own little way.

Choose climate-specific grass

Want some grass on your lawn? Don’t simply settle on what looks good in a shop. Research instead to know which type grows best in your area. If you live in the Northeast, your best bet is fescue and ryegrass. In the Southeast, homeowners often choose Bermuda. Grass specific to the climate of your location can help you save time and money on watering, fertilizing, and other maintenance tasks.

If you don’t want to deal with natural grass, consider artificial turf installation. It can keep your garden looking fresh and gorgeous without you having to worry about pests, weeds, and muddy puddles.

Use long-lasting materials and appliances

As mentioned, one way to avoid costly repairs or replacements is to use long-lasting materials. One good option for landscaping is bluestone. It may be more expensive than other materials. But it has a dense composition that makes it long-lasting. Other durable but less costly options include white or pea stone.

Do the same for your outdoor fixtures and appliances. Want a built-in barbecue area in your yard? Choose one with durable stone veneers on its side or front. Rattan chairs might look for your yard, but can they withstand the hurricane season? Make sure each fixture or appliance you install in your outdoor space can withstand different harsh weather elements all season long.

When you take these ideas into reality, you can have a gorgeous yard that doesn’t take much of your weekends. At the end of the day, you should spend more time enjoying the landscape, hanging out in your garden, and relaxing with your friends on the patio—not working too much on it.

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