Emirati Designers Adding Fabulous Fashions Ideas for Dubai Expo

Normally, we see the Dubai Expo as a commercial or trade event. In fact, it is a multidisciplinary event attracting dozens of skilled persons and manufacturers. The concept of attending a trade or commerce event is very simple. We need corporate dresses, shoes and more. The likes to add a thrill in this concept with 6th Street discount code. Yes, Dubai Expo is important for the manufacturers, businessmen and traders but it is also a hub for the people who want to buy new technologies and products. This gives a new concept of competition especially in the uniform designing. Designers in UAE are busy nowadays. They are creating new designs for workers of thousands of companies. This is a huge fashion culture and it is giving birth to evolution. 

Role of Emirati Designers:

As a matter of fact, Emirati fashion designers are the main persons responsible for the fashion designing for expo. This event is among the most famous choices for foreigners in Dubai. Everyone wants to attend the expo in order to explore the new opportunities and choices. From technologies to styles, this expo is going to give everything to world. Do you feel smart? Check out the work of local designers in order to learn more about the Dubai Expo Dressing Competition. 

LAHA – This designer is a reputable option when it comes to local designs. As a matter of fact, LAHA is a designing house by Zainab AlShaikh, Sara Mustafa and Hamda Abbas. This group has presented the Expo Uniform designs with novel styles. 

ARSHYS – Thanks to the Arshia Alam Khan for creating cool uniform designs for the girls. This designer also offers uniform designs for men but the main specialties are in female fashions. It is good to know that their uniform designs have been selected for final nominations. Redeem 6th street discount code if you like to shop the designs in advance. These uniforms are present at the fashion stores especially at 6TH Street store. 

Twisted Roots – This fashion house is owned by Latifa Al Gurg. She presented the contemporary chic designs. The biggest attractive point about her design is the resemblance with Dubai’s Heritage. She is also dealing with House of Volunteers for the Dubai Expo. 

Creating the Future:

This is a special program by Dubai Expo management. Creating the Future comes with Connecting Minds where thousands of designers were invited to give their ideas on uniforms. The trio of above-mentioned designer was selected after the thorough scrutiny of uniform designs presented by all the volunteers. 

The entrants were given a challenge of incorporating UAE’s national culture and heritage in the designs. Whether it is about floor designing, wall designing or fashion designing, all the designers have a responsibility to include the local reflections in their designs. On the other hand, platforms such as got the task to subsidize the fashion apparels and clothes. Join the Dubai Expo in October with 6th Street discount code in your hands and best fashion apparels in the bag.