Gather Some Useful Information on Anavar

Are you tired of gaining back the weight you have lost putting in so much of effort? Then shift to Anavar, one of the safest and mild steroids available today to attain long term results. This steroid was first introduced in the US in the year 1964 by Searle Laboratories.Though it is also available in the form of powder and syrup, the oral pills make it easy to consume.

Anavar cycle for both men and women

Anavar is such a steroid which is well-tolerated by both men and women. Its mild properties have even gifted it the name of “The Girl Steroid” amongst certain circles.  But this doesn’t mean that it is not popular amongst the men, it is just that it acts a bit slowly compared to the expectation of the men athletes. This fast acting DHT oral anabolic steroid enhances your body’s overall activities and also preserves the lean tissues. When you are planning to get all the details about Anavar, make sure that you always gather relevant information about the cycle for both men and women.

Anavar cycle for men includes two phases:

  • Bulking phase – Anavar is not actually suitable for the growing need. Its mild properties do not make it suitable for gaining bulk muscle mass. But the lean tissues adds to your body are long lasting.
  • Cutting phase – Most men find this steroid useful for the dieting phase, when you look forward towards a ripped physique. In this phase you normally get rid of the water weight and fat that got accumulated in the bulking phase. The increase in metabolic activity helps you lose that extra body fat.

For men a dosage of 50mg daily at the starting point is considered ideal which they can gradually increase to a safe limit of 80mg.

  • Anavar cycle for women –Needless to say, that it is most the well-suited steroid for women. This anabolic steroid is just perfect for women to help them attain that ideal bikini physique. For women, a dosage of 10-20mg daily is just perfect for a period of about 6 weeks.

Medical benefits

The steroid Anavar is used as a drug to treat people suffering from involuntary weight loss caused due to any kind of infection, injury or illness. This drug can be used to treat sick people as it is metabolized by the kidney and not the liver. It can also be used to treat the condition of loss of body muscles, weight loss issues, patients detected with HIV positive and patients who are on chemotherapy. All of these are possible since Anavar has the potential to restore and maintain the body weight, especially the lean muscles.

Buy online

Acquiring the product online is probably one of the most convenient solutions. The process is simple and easy to follow. If you go to buy over the counter you will require a prescription for the same in countries where it is legal. So, before you include this steroid in your regime, get all the details about the product from a genuine source.