Helpful Apps for Senior Citizens

When it comes to our elderly parents and grandparents, our number one priority is making sure that they’re safe and comfortable all the time. If they prefer to live in a senior home with their fellow elderly peers, then we make sure that they stay in the best senior care facility that we could afford. If they want to prefer to stay in their home, then we make sure that they have all the help that they may need.

The good thing is that we’re not the only ones who are making sure that the elderly people are properly looked after. And others use technology to make their lives a bit easier. Many hospitals are offering more convenient patient communication services. This way, many elderly could seek medical assistance in a hassle-free way. There’s even a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping seniors be more tech-savvy. SeniorNet aims to bridge the digital divide between the seniors and the youth.

To help improve their way of life, these are some mobile apps that we can share with our elderly loved ones.

For their Health

Our elderly loved ones’ health is one of the top priorities that we always look after. We want to make sure that they get the necessary medical attention that they need. It’s also part of our duty to ensure that they’re not in pain or suffering from some illness that we don’t know about. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can help them make sure that their health is in the best shape it can be.

One of the apps is Pill Reminder Pro. The aim of this app is simple: to make sure that our elderly loved ones are taking all of their meds at the right time. Through push notifications in their smartphones, they would always be alerted whenever it’s time to take certain meds.

Another app is Red Panic Button. This app is not necessarily developed for just senior citizens. Everyone can benefit from a mobile app that would easily send alerts to our loved ones whenever we’re in an emergency situation. But our elderly loved ones could very much find this app useful especially if they prefer to live alone. If they have a medical emergency, we would be alerted at once. And, together with the alert are the pinned location of our loved ones so we could easily go to them.

For their Convenience

Another way to help improve our elderly loved ones’ lives is to present them with apps that help them with mundane things. We might forget about these, especially because we’re so focused on their health. But our parents and grandparents also struggle with the little things. Fortunately, there are apps that help with that.

One of such apps is Senior Discounts & Coupons. This would help our elderly loved ones keep track of the restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment places that offer senior discounts at varying rates. If we have adventurous parents and grandparents, then they would surely find this convenient.

Another app is iCarPark. Again, if our elderly loved ones are on the adventurous side and could still drive, then they might be prone to forgetting where they parked. But at least there is iCarPark, which would automatically record the location of their car. That way, if they forget, they could just turn to the app to remember where their car is.

For their Entertainment

Another important thing that we should let our elderly loved ones know is that mobile apps aren’t just there for practical purposes. They could also help them have an enjoyable time.

One such app is LibriVox. This app helps its users access free public domain audiobooks. These books are read and recorded by volunteers in various parts of the world. Our parents and grandparents may be voracious readers in their time. But because of the visual impairment that comes with age, they may not find reading as enjoyable anymore. So let’s show them how they could still enjoy literature without the pain of reading.

Another interesting app is Old Time Radio 24. With this app, our elderly loved ones can enjoy a wave of nostalgia with a radio that plays music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Songs that they loved from all those years ago will help them relive some of their most precious memories.

With these apps, we can help improve the lives of our elderly loved ones. We can make sure that they’re always looking after their health; that they’re enjoying small help from apps, and that they are having a good time because of such apps.