How Should you Proceed with Mattress Disposal?

Getting a new mattress is definitely a very ecstatic moment. And, the moment it is put on your bed, you must worry about what should be done with the old one. It has literally become a challenge to get over your old one. But there are still a lot of options that you can actually explore.

So here are some of our best disposal suggestions.

Dispose the mattress

Throw off your mattress if it is in an extremely poor condition. It might have bed bugs and it is best to not use it any further. It is not ideal to cram up the landfill spaces with your used mattresses that do not decay, but keeping it would increase the chances of disease spread. You can intimate the garbage collection services beforehand and they will arrange for the pickup services. Some services might also charge you some fees for the pickup because not everybody has the amenities to take it and dispose it off.

Donate it

You can donate your mattress to someone who is in need of it. There are many organizations that are willing to take it and hand it over to the needy. Make sure it is in a gently used condition and do not have any bedbugs. You can check in your local charity centers, the churches, the organizations working at national levels, or other shelter houses.

Hire haul-away services

You can ask your mattress retailer to arrange a haul-away service. They mostly do it for free or might sometimes charge you a very nominal fee. This is a perk of buying from them and they will most often not advertise this. You need to inquire about this service when you are purchasing from them.

Recycle it

Involve yourself in Buy Nothing Projects. These are fiscally-conscious and budget-conscious projects that help you lower your carbon footprints. Such things positively involve you in social operations and make you active in your local groups. By participating in these events, you can easily share, give, lend, or borrow items that might be too expensive to buy in the first place for one-time use. These projects are very uplifting and encouraging and they help you save a lot of money.

Recyc-Matelas Canada will help you recycle your mattress if you want to preserve your environment. Join hands today to pledge for a greener tomorrow.