Important Things to Be Known For Any Steroid User

An example of a steroid cycle used by high-level professional bodybuilders. Totally banned for amateurs!

When it comes to high-level professional bodybuilders, you do not have to be a great specialist in sports to realize that they use significant amounts of anabolic substances. Typically, they have individuals who are specialized in such steroids who make up for individual sterility cycles.

Below is an example (a curiosity if you want) of what a professional bodybuilder can use today. This cycle comes with very high health risks and should not be tried by any amateur. The doses are extremely high and the combination of steroids is extremely powerful.

Professionals usually do not have breaks throughout the year; they only have periods when they use lower doses of steroids and fewer substances. That’s why they do not keep a long time for recovery. The example below is for 10 weeks, but a professional bodybuilder will probably stretch this cycle for a longer period.

A basic cycle recommended to any beginner who wants to experiment with steroids. It is a relatively safe and uncomplicated cycle.

For beginners, testosterone cycles are recommended. They are simple, comprising a single component; are effective, using an anabolic and injectable steroid; and are relatively safe, testosterone being the closest to the structure of the body’s own endogenous hormone. Testosterone is also a cheap steroid.

In the present cycle, testosterone is used, which is a long-acting ester, but can be substituted with testosterone enanthate. Proviron is also added, which makes the cycle more efficient by reducing SHBG, an enzyme that binds to testosterone and makes it inactive. Proviron also has anti-estrogenic effects, and it is known that testosterone tends to flavor easily.

Along with steroid cycle, from which will be recorded qualitative and lasting muscle gains.

It’s a powerful steroid cycle, with high weight gains. It is not recommended for beginners, but only for those who have experience in using anabolic and androgenic steroids. Substances used are few and not very exotic, but cycle time is high, with high doses.

Post cycle therapy is absolutely mandatory after such a long period of continuous use of steroids. HCG is used during the steroid treatment to prevent testicular atrophy.

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