Know About The Import Permits And Restrictions For Canada

According to Canada’s transport law, any method of transport that can be driven or drawn on roads by any means except human muscle power and does not require a rail to run can be termed as a vehicle. By this definition, not only four-wheeler cars but any vehicle like horse-cart, boat, camping or stock trailers are also vehicles, including generators and wood-chippers too.
For importing these vehicles to Canada, there are some import permits and restrictions that you need to follow to avoid termination of the process.

Acceptance of the Import Process

The first and foremost step before importing a vehicle to Canada is to check whether that car falls in the given category of vehicle import regulations. For safety standards, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has a strict list of regulations that a vehicle must undergo before getting into the country.

Age Barrier

All vehicles that are less than 15 years old have to go through the RIV program and need immense checking of eligibility to get imported. The age of the vehicle is well checked and a mandatory regulation in Canada. Whereas, all vehicles that are over 15 years of age are eligible to get imported to Canada automatically and essentially do not need to go through the RIV program. With sufficient proof demonstrating the age of the vehicle like providing the original vehicle license papers, it is easy to import cars into Canada.


Cleanliness of your Vehicle

It is a crucial factor and the cleanliness of the vehicle should be checked before the process of import. A vehicle is thoroughly checked and at times also sent for quarantine examination for contaminants that may cross the border unnoticed. Hence, cleaning your vehicle is highly advised to avoid unnecessary harassment during border checking.

Necessary Documents

There is a certain list of original and copied documents that are needed for importing a vehicle to Canada.

  • Vehicle registration certificate (V5)
  • Identity proof of the owner demonstrating his/her citizenship of a particular nation (preferably passport).
  • ITN number

Importing a vehicle to Canada is quite easy, if only you know the rules and regulations of importation in Canada properly. If not done right, the importation process can become a hassle and can eventually get terminated by the government. So make sure you have all the documents ready. In case you don’t have an ITN number, you can submit a Clearit Canada ITN number request to get it processed in no time.