Lifetime Goals: 3 Common Signs of Success

Within a person’s life span, three common goals usually motivate us to push ourselves further: getting an education, acquiring a home, and having a great career. We work hard to attain these dreams; sometimes, we seek a little help from loans to achieve these goals easier and faster. Having these goals give us a life purpose and drive us as individuals to go on with life. 


The first step in achieving what we want later on in life is having a good education. Education refers to the act of studying to attain knowledge; this knowledge is applied throughout our daily lives.

As most people often say, education should not be limited to the four corners of the classroom. However, academic education is important to a person’s success in life. It’s not assurance but it sure gives people an edge, especially when they transition to their careers. 

William Peace University discusses several reasons why higher education is important. One obvious reason is the wage gap given between people with a degree and those without. People who have a college degree get more pay and benefits than those who did not finish or enter college.

Employers value those who finished higher education because they are most likely to have been updated with the latest trends and innovations. To know what’s happening around a specific industry, studying and keeping yourself in the know is crucial. This gives you an edge among other applicants who wish to have the same job but does not have a background in these new innovations. 

Going to college teaches an individual to apply critical thinking, too. Professors in higher education usually encourage students to go outside their comfort zones, step out of the box, and produce creative solutions. In college, most people also experience freedom for the first time; freedom entails responsibility, thinking for yourself, and solving problems on your own. 

These are only a few of the benefits that having a college degree gives. Therefore, investing in higher education is important. For some people, getting a higher education is a sign of success.

This is especially true when you get a college degree in one of the Ivy League Universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. When you study in one of these schools, you are almost guaranteed a great career and a good future. 


Having your own home is an American dream. There are two ways to build a home: by acquiring a property, and by building your own family. For this portion of the article, we focus on the physical aspect of having a home. 

When starting the process of buying a home, few things must be considered. First, you must decide on the location of a home. Most probably, you will only buy a home once, unless you’re a billionaire. Hence, choosing a permanent location to build your home is essential. 

As a general rule, choose a location where you plan to stay for at least five years. Doing so will reduce the hassles of selling your home, moving to another location, and buying a new home. 

In addition, consider your status in your job; make sure that you have a stable income before buying a new home. This is where the importance of a great career comes in. 


Some people prioritize building a family; some people prioritize building a career. Whether we deny it or not, money is essential in fulfilling our dreams. Money is needed in paying for college fees; it is also important when building a new home. 

Hence, a great career is important for almost every individual. Even those born with a silver spoon have to constantly work hard to keep the money they are born into; the only difference is that they have more opportunities laid out in front of them.

For average citizens outside the one percent, we have to work harder to achieve our goals. In building a great career, there are a few steps we can follow. 

The first is to make sure that you enjoy what you are doing. To be motivated every day to go to work, what you do must match what you really need. This is key to a happy and fulfilling professional life.

In addition, enjoying what you do isn’t enough. People whom you are working with must also enjoy having you as part of the team. To do so, you must be able to determine your strengths. Knowing your strengths can be helpful because it gives you confidence; it also lets others know how you can contribute to the organization. 

Lastly, taking responsibility is of the essence. When you take responsibility, you take charge of your life. This is not only crucial in your professional career, but this will also reflect in every aspect of your life.

Meta title: 3 Important Life Goals of Individuals
meta desc: Having education, a home of your own, and a great career are three top things people strive to have. These goals motivate us and give us a sense of purpose.