Play with your dog in the snow


Dogs are often uncomfortable when cooped up indoors for more than a month. When winter arrives, people fear that the cold might affect the health of their four-legged friend. This is when dog coats come in to help owners and pets enjoy a day of jumping, running, and lots of fun surrounded by snow. Dogs’ fur coats usually protect them from the winter cold. The problem arises when excess snow dampens the coat, causing the cold to reach the dog’s skin. Companies designed rain coats for dogs to not only keep your favourite canine dry but also help it regulate its temperature easily. When you and your dog put on your coats, the next step is to head out for some fun in the blizzard while keeping an eye out for other dangers that can lurk.

What’s under the snow?

If you search on platforms like YouTube, you’ll find videos where people got a nasty surprise when they thought it was just snow. For example, a person who wanted to pull down with his car a snowman that his neighbour had made ended up discovering the snowman’s foundation was an old tree that was supposed to be cut down months ago. You can imagine how the car was left. When you play outside with your dog, it is essential to know the area. When there is an excess of snow, it is normal for people and dogs to want to jump on it. But what if there is an object underneath? Another method is to play in areas with little snow, such as parks. Finally, remember that cold weather makes some surfaces slippery. Neither you nor your dog should run on such surfaces.

How do you choose the right coat for your dog?

Your dog doesn’t care if the coat you buy him is red or blue. Your four-legged friend doesn’t even know what he needs it for. He’s only interested in feeling comfortable in his new coat. Do not buy the first dog coat you see without ensuring it’s the right size for your dog’s breed and size. If you buy from an online shop, look for the sizing information chart, which shows you how to measure your dog’s body to find his ideal size. Choose online shops that offer returns. If you receive the wrong size coat, you can exchange it for another one. Once you get the right one, the next step is to plan a day of fun activities with your pet.