Seeking a New Profession

If you are going into a new business, you might as well value yourself at the highest level. People will treat you the way that you brand and market yourself so you must allow them to see your confidence in your abilities.

Take a college course and collect all the certifications you can to decorate your office. This will assure your clientele that you are not only qualified but take pride in what you do. Qualified tradespeople can charge a premium price and be guaranteed steady work simply because it is so difficult to find reliable tradesmen.

Your equipment represents you just as much as your appearance and your office space. Ensure that your trucks display your logo and have high-quality LED light bars, that your employees are in uniforms, and any visible workspaces are clean and clear of debris. This speaks louder to potential clients and investors about the quality of surface they will be able to expect from you.

If you are not able to invest in an office space at this time, then it is even more important that you and your work vehicle look the part. Of course, part of dressing for the job is knowing exactly what it entails of you. Let us explore the different areas that you can consider for entrepreneurship.

Help Others

Help others with what they need. You can hire yourself out to help individuals or companies with filing, taxes, marketing, etc. Whatever you have the skills to provide, offer it to clients. Perhaps you feel that the only thing you are good at is being organized. That opens you up to help the depressed, disabled, or temporarily impaired to keep their homes clean and ordered. You can even specialize in helping indecisive people to clean out their closets or organize their pantries.

You could take a course in decluttering and work with a counselor or mental health service to assist hoarders in leading a more organized and wellness-forward life.   When you approach your skills from a viewpoint of understanding that there is a person who will value what you do because they cannot, you will find it easier to locate your niche.

Cleaning Services

You can clean homes, or clean offices, though that might require a team. It might also be the safest and fastest to clean homes with a partner as well. Over time, you can hire others to do the cleaning and you can supervise and do administrative tasks.

There are also various specializations you can offer to make your work more lucrative within a particular community. Food service expects a high level of cleanliness and may require special knowledge of how to remove grease stains and avoid leaving residue on countertops used to prepare food.

Healthcare cleaning may require you to receive training in infection control, medical waste disposal, avoid cross-contamination, and aseptic techniques of cleaning.

Manufacturing plant cleaning is also a niche business that can prove lucrative if you build a reputation for reliability and good service. But, these jobs will require more specialized cleaning knowledge and you may need to invest in special equipment. Hydro-blasting, water-jetting, and power scrubbing are all very involved ways to clean large industrial spaces and cannot be done without proper safety protocols.

Computer Repair

This is a good job for people who understand computers, enjoy repairing things, and prefer to have something new to work on occasionally. While you are bound to see a lot of the same problems, sometimes there will be people with very interesting issues with their computers. Experience will make you better in this field and allow you to recognize the jobs you should charge a premium for and what is a simple overnight fix.

You can have a shop that provides both software and hardware repair or you can focus on the area that appeals to you more. People regularly need help with installing word processing software, photoshop software, debugging design software, and upgrading security software. You could also offer in-house solutions to issues like broken keyboards or mouses that cannot be repaired. Be aware that you will see a lot of printer repair work if you also work with small businesses in the area. It might even be best to designate a repairman who can go to the site to fix the printer.

Companies that can provide business services are always in high demand. You can go into this field as an independent expert and become a consultant or you can invite similar-minded people with varying expertise to join you in offering training courses and seminars.

At the end of the day, you do not really need a high-powered job that requires you to go into an office every day. There are many types of businesses you can open that will allow you to choose your own hours. Drop-ship selling, dog grooming, or decorating is all about finding the work that you want to do. It is your enthusiasm that will help you to build a business that you want to grow and succeed in.

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