Swing Chairs – Add a Playful Element to You Home

Swings have been a part of Indian households since times unknown. Referred to as “jhoola” in hindi, swings were added either to the house courtyard or the front lawns, but with change in times, this playful element made way inside our house into our living rooms, kids’ room, and our balconies. If you have decided to add this to your interiors, let us help you with different swing chair models that you can explore and understand how well these can be positioned in different places of your house.

  1. Bubble Swing- Hanging bubble swing is a c-shaped swing that takes the look of a chair. It is compact and is suitable for a home with space restrictions. Made out of either cane or plastic, these are very sturdy and are easy to maintain. You can decorate it with a cushion that matches the color of your wooden bed in the master room to create symmetry. 
  2. Bed-cum-Sofa Suspended Swing – Ideal for the indoor setup, it’s a luxurious swing that you can add to your living room or an indoor seating area where you meet and greet guests. These are also hung from the ceiling but these occupy a lot of space. If you want to give your living room an unconventional, hippie look, then replace your sofa with this model of swing chair.
  3. Porch Swing: A porch swing, also called a patio swing looks like a flat bench and has an old traditional charm to it. These are generally made out of wood and are high in strength and durability. As guessed, these remain best suited for outdoors like open laws or bigger balconies. Add coloured cushions for comfort and style.
  4. Classic Hammocks: Word hammocks immediately transports us to beaches and resorts. These are amazing when you want to get into a holiday mood while you stay indoors. The natural curve it takes of the body and the rhythmic rocking instantly helps you relax. If you are wondering, how can you use this inside the house? Just tie the cotton ropes between two pillars. Since it is light in weight you can move it around very easily. These days you can even find models of hammock that come with a stand so you don’t even need pillars for support. 

If you have been covertly eying a swing chair while at restaurants, resorts, or friend’s place, it’s time that you give this longing of yours a rest. Consider these few factors before you splurge.

  • Placing the swing at the perfect spot is important. It shouldn’t clutter the space, rather should add a meaningful dimension to the room.
  • If you want to purchase the hanging model, make sure you have the necessary fittings on the ceiling to install it.
  • Pay attention to the material, these swings come in different materials like wood, plastic, and even iron. 

Go ahead and own a swing to cozy up and relax like never before.