How to take the maximum benefits from Anavar

If you look into the list of steroidal drugs that are being used for bodybuilding purposes, then you will find that Anavar is a common entry in all these lists. It is considered as a cutting steroid that helps in burning fat and converting it into energy. However, the effects of the drug are mild and do not produce huge changes in the body upon administration. This has a positive side to it as well. The drug is generally not associated with any adverse side effects. To know more about the drug, let us look into the details of it.

Anavar is a steroidal drug that initiates and triggers the process of weight loss. It is generally recommended for women since the effects produced by it are mild in nature. The drug is not recommended for men since it is not being able to produce the desired effect. To produce the maximum effects of the drug, it is important to design an appropriate female cycle. However, the first thing that is needed to be considered before designing the dosage cycle is the effects produced by the drug on the body.

Effects of Anavar on the body

Anavar has been found to be useful in causing weight loss in the body. Women are especially sensitive to the dosages of the drug. Therefore lower dosages are recommended for women. To enjoy the maximum effect of the drug, it is recommended to opt for effective dieting regimen in conjunction with the drug.

Generally, women accumulate subcutaneous fat more than men. However, changes in visceral fat are far less visible. However, losing fat does not mean that you have to lose muscles from your body. After all, you want to have a chiseled look and building muscle is essential along with losing excess fat. Anavar also helps to protect and enhance lean muscle mass. This results in a muscular and toned appearance in females.

Side Effects of Anavar

Like any other steroidal drugs, Anavar has associated side effects .although the side effects are mild, high dosage of the drugs leads to the occurrence of it. The most common side effect of Anavar is the development of masculine characters in females like deepening of the voice, broadening of chest region, development of body hair and swelling of sex organs. This is a serious threat to the femininity of female athletes. Another serious concern with Anavar is the development of virilization in women. Therefore, it is important to carefully design the dosage and cycle of the drug before administering it for your purpose.

Recommended dosage of the drug

The recommended dosage of the drug is around 20 mg per day for women. It actually depends on the age, weight, and health of the person. However, to start off with the drug dosage, it is recommended to use 10 mg of the drug per day. If the body can cope up with the effects of the drug, then you can increase it to 20 mg. as you reach the end of the drug cycle, you should again decrease it to the initial dosage.

These are some of the general information regarding Anavar. You can take the drug and determine the female cycle for you. Take help of your family physician for this task.