Taking Winstrol – Know About Its Dosages And Risks Of Overdosing

Winstrol is a very popular and favorite steroid among the body builders and athletes because of the results it gives. But, the main concern for any and every athlete remains the same which is – what dosage should be taken to get best results out of Winstrol.

The athletes are generally aware of the supplements they have to take along with Winstrol to nullify its side effects, but, what an athlete might not know is the risk of taking an overdose of a steroid. The overdose of the steroid can even be fatal for the consumer.

Winstrol Dosage

The Winstrol dosages can differ from person to person depending up on the level they are on. The Winstrol dosages for beginner body builders will always be lighter than the ones who already have experience with Winstrol. The dosages may also vary for men and women. The commonly preferred dosage of Winstrol is 50 mg per day. This dosage may help you in bulking cycles.

Oral Dosages

The oral dosage of Winstrol can be taken in 50mg tablets in a day. This can be done for six to eight weeks. The oral dosage is increased by many athletes up to 100 mg per day. But the higher dosage should be taken under surveillance because the high dosage of Winstrol can affect the liver negatively. Taking high dosage for some days might prove helpful in gaining muscle strength quickly.

Injection dosage

The injected Winstrol dosage can be just between 20 – 25 mg and that too when needed. The small dose injection of Winstrol cannot give much strength to the athlete, but this injection definitely can give a competitive edge to the athletes just before their performance. The 50mg dosage of Winstrol can also be taken by athletes who want the gradual result in muscle strength.

Dosage for Women

The steroid dosages do vary in case of men and women because of different body creation.  Winstrol is very successful in the case of women. The recommended dosage for women is 20 mg per day. The beginners can even take 10 mg per day dosage and results can be easily seen in the women athletes.


All steroids have some side effects. If you take an overdose of Winstrol, it might even prove fatal for you. The overdose of steroids gives you symptoms like vomiting, yellow eye, dark urine, light colored stool, etc. If you see any of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor or stop usage of Winstrol for some time till you recover.