The Ultimate DTR: Jewelry as a Sign of Where You are in the Relationship

Face it; the romantic relationships today are far more complex than they were just a decade ago. That’s mainly due to the prevalence of online dating apps, dating websites, or even social media platforms. The relationships nowadays end just as quickly as they began, especially considering that there’s no strong foundation behind them.

That’s why you can’t blame some people for wanting to define their relationship (DTR) after a few meaningful dates. And you also can’t blame them for wanting something concrete to hold onto because words or affirmations aren’t as reliable as they used to be. Trust no longer comes easy.

It’s a good thing that giving or receiving jewelry pieces often double as unsaid promises. A single piece of jewelry may not seem like much to some people, but to others, having that concrete manifestation of a promise eases their doubts and worries. The jewelry assures them that they’ve found a love that stays.

Wanting to hold onto a piece of jewelry from your significant other doesn’t make you materialistic; if anything, it’s just a simple reminder that you have a person who accepts you for who you are. This is a physical manifestation of a promise to commit, love, and cherish one another.

But of course, every piece of jewelry has its own meaning. This is in no way a complete and definite summation of the meanings that each jewelry piece symbolizes. That said, here are three different stages in a relationship and what receiving or giving a specific piece of jewelry during it could mean:

The Honeymoon Phase

At the start of every relationship, there’s this thing called the honeymoon phase, which is basically a time when everything still feels new, sweet, and exciting. The honeymoon phase can last for a few months to a few years, depending on the relationship’s pace.

Often, partners characterize this phase in their relationship as a time when sparks flew continuously because they’re still learning about one another’s likes and dislikes. It’s also when they figure out if the relationship is worth pursuing or if they’re better off going their separate ways.

As a form of an intimate promise, partners usually share meaningful gifts between them to symbolize their love. This could be a necklace, bracelet, couple rings, or any piece of jewelry that can hold meaning but won’t necessarily mean that they’re ready to settle down.

The Promise of Settling Down

When a couple decides to take their relationship to the next level, they’ll start considering the idea of settling down or even getting married. This could include moving in together, getting a pet, or combining their finances, if they’re that sort of couple. The point is that they’ll be getting more serious.

For other people, this could also happen in the form of picking out the perfect diamond engagement ring for their significant other. They’ll start planning their proposal and ask for their partner’s hand in marriage, with the ring being the icing on top of the cake. This is the traditional form of engagement.

But not all relationships end in marriage; that needs to be said out loud. Some people are thrilled about living together and co-existing with their partners. They don’t need a piece of paper to symbolize their long-term commitment to love one another, which should totally be acceptable too.

The Beginning of Forever

Of course, for those who want to be joined through matrimony, the last stage of the relationship will be getting married and committing to a lifetime of being together. The wedding could be as grand and loud as they want to so that they can show their love to the world. But it could also be intimate and simple, only for their own enjoyment.

At this point, the piece of jewelry that symbolizes their lifetime commitment to one another is their wedding band. Most married couples will never remove their wedding rings from their hands unless they absolutely have to, which can be seen as an endearing promise to choose their spouses every day.

It should be said that forever is a long time; the promise to love and cherish your significant other doesn’t end once the vows have been said. Even in marriage, you have to choose to be with and love your spouse every day because love is a choice. That’s why some marriages still end in divorce.

You don’t need a piece of jewelry to define your relationship, but it can be a subtle and simple reminder that there’s someone out there who’s willing to be your person. At the end of the day, you can trust this person to choose you and only you. So don’t be afraid to DTR because you shouldn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Meta title:Pieces of Jewelry That Define the Three Stages of a Relationship
meta desc: Online dating apps made casual flings the norm, so there’s this need to define the relationship (DTR). Here are pieces of jewelry that can define what relationship stage you’re at.