Tips for buying Clen

Clenbuteral (Clen), is neither a steroid nor a hormone. It is actually a bronchodilator used to treat asthma and other respiratory conditions in human as well as veterinary medicine. Clenbuterol is included in the class of drugs called the sympathomimetics. These drug help in clearing the obstruction of airways and improve breathing. You will find Clen for sale in pharmaceuticals, underground labs and in online shopping sites.

It also improves a person’s metabolism by increasing the temperature of the body, which in turn helps in fat burning.  Clen is a very popular supplement taken by athletes and bodybuilders during the cutting phase or during Post-Cycle Therapy. Clen helps in increasing the body’s internal temperature that raises the Basic Metabolic Rate. Then body starts using stored fat for energy. This causes weight loss.

Benefits- boosts energy levels, burns calories, suppresses appetite, preserves lean muscle tissue, increases blood flow and oxygenation, boosts athletic performance and strength, enhances stamina and endurance and good for both men and women.

Side effects- heart problems, high blood pressure, headaches, sleeplessness and hormonal changes in women.

Dosage- common Clen cycles are two-week cycle, four-day cycle and sixteen-week cycle. The most common regime for the bodybuilders is the two-week cycle. It starts with 20-mcg dose and increases to 140 mcg on the seventh day. Then the dosage is reduced day-by-day with 20 mcg as the last dose. Popular stack with Testosterone, CytomelT3, Anavar, HGH, Winstrol, Ketotifen and Yohimbine makes Clen more effective. Long-term side effects can be avoided by taking Clen for only 16 weeks in a year. In Post-Cycle Therapy, Clen is used to enhance recovery near the end or at the end of the steroid cycle. it also helps to maintain strength, endurance and muscle mass gains. The recommended dosage being 60-140 mcg daily for men and 40-120 mcg daily for women.

Sale- Clen for sale is not legal in many countries. If buying locally, underground laboratories sell Clen in tablet form or injection form. There is no way to assess the purity of the product. It can be inaccurately measured, counterfeited, adulterated or contaminated. Clen is available for sale online and a safer option. Be aware of the laws of online shopping of Clen. The product being shipped and received depends on the steroid laws of the country of the seller and the receiver. If it is illegal in your country, then buying it can cause serious legal implications. It its legal, buy it from a reputed site. Third-party reviews will provide a lot of information. It is also helpful to check out the seller’s return policy and money back guarantees.

Using any drug that your body does not need medically can contribute for many side effects. Advice from a General Practitioner and a legitimate prescription is required, to buy Clen. Bodybuilders and athletes, who use it without a prescription and medical supervision, overdose themselves making them susceptible to many health risks. It is quite safe, when healthy people take Clen alongside proper diet and exercise program and that is why it is a favorite of celebrities and actors.