Vlogging: Should You Join the Hype?

What used to be just a website for video hosting or streaming is now considered a source of profit, influence, and fame. Way back in time, we can hear some kids wanting to be actors or actresses when asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. Nowadays, we can get “I want to be a vlogger” as an answer, and it’s a possible track since one could make a career out of it.

Why many people are into the idea of vlogging on Youtube:

  1. It fosters diversity since creators and audiences are from all over the world. YouTube provided the platform that enables people with different cultural, economic, religious, and societal backgrounds to come together into an online space. This way, many people can learn about other countries and cultures that paves the way to open-mindedness and acceptance.
  2. It provides education, entertainment, and enlightenment. According to a YouTube audience insight study, adults in the UK turn to YouTube first to find contents they cannot find on other video platforms and anywhere else. YouTube can be a source of knowledge, expertise, fun, and new perspectives that different vloggers offer.  
  3. It is very easy to start.  Anyone who has a camera, or even just a phone, an internet connection, a google account, and other tools at hand can start vlogging. Yes, quality is essential, especially when ranking based on the site’s algorithm, but getting created and knowing the basics is necessary. Those who started with limited equipment and did self-editing now have a whole crew and professional gears for their videos.
  4. It shows and gives people relatable content. YouTube can determine the audiences’ preferred content to subscribe to a particular vlogger that they can follow. This ranges from funny stories, jokes, even memes to illnesses, faith, and hope. People are instantly drawn to others that they can relate to. 
  5. People can gather huge followings and big communities. Vloggers usually share a part of their lives with everyone on the internet. This attracts like-minded people—regardless of their location and timezones—stirs up conversations, creates bonds, and enables people to share experiences and knowledge. It establishes connections, and that can turn into real-life communities that move for a change.
  6. It can generate profit. Of course, when you are still unknown, and the videos you publish are not yet generating much traffic, the first videos won’t be making money. But once you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, the money meter starts running. Many YouTubers left their 9 to 5 jobs and made a comfortable living out of vlogging.


Things you need to ask yourself before getting started with vlogging

Why do you want to be a vlogger?

Just like in any other endeavor, knowing “why you do what you do” is important. Is it because you want to contribute to the world, or are you doing it for fame or money? Do you wish to be your own boss and have the freedom to build something and be as creative as you are? Your why will keep you going when you see your videos not having many views, and you are so tired from filming and editing. Your why will get you through the tough times of your vlogging life.

What will be your niche?

Do you want to get into the education niche and teach a language, a skill, or a course? Some go into the inspiration niche and try to motivate others to live up to their potential. Some tech niches review newly released gadgets, teach how to do phone or computer screen repair, and share some cool features you likely didn’t know. You have to determine what you are passionate about and what value you can give to the online world. Some vloggers also started not knowing their niche, but as they garner feedbacks and requests from their audiences, they were eventually able to settle with a niche or two that they could work on.

Who will be your target audience?

Just like with starting a business, determining your target market is important when starting a YouTube channel. This will give you a direction and help you align your values and craft your content accordingly. Of course, you can always check your YouTube analytics, and as your channel grows, so does your audience. Thus, you have also to check whether what you are offering is what they can subscribe to. 

When we want to learn about something, be entertained, watch the news, dive for specific content, we turn to YouTube. Indeed, being a vlogger now seems to be a superb job. It’s easy to be caught in the hype of going into vlogging. But it is also important to be grounded, know yourself, and determine your “why’ before you jump into the sea of videos and people. 

Meta title: Should You Make a Career Out of Vlogging?
meta desc: When we were young, a lot of us marveled at the big screen and the glamourous lives artists have. These days, we can hear or even see kids get into vlogging since they can watch a lot of YouTubers publish or stream videos online. Should you join the hype?