What Can One Do If Their Dental Implant Breaks?

Dental implants survive successfully in the majority of the cases. To be specific, in 98% of the cases. They can, however, break or get damaged sometimes. There are multiple reasons as to why one would experience a broken dental implant. However, since the success rate of the procedure is so high, many are often not educated or made aware of how to take care of their implants if they ever happen to be damaged.

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What can one do if their dental implant breaks?

If it is just the dental crown or abutment, dentists do not need to go through the hassle of removing the entire implant from the gums. This saves the patient a lot of recovery time and money. To guarantee the health of your dental implant, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of the implant site if the dental implant crown is broken. 

After that, a digital image of your mouth will be taken by your dentist so that a new custom crown can be made in its place. If it is feasible, they will give you a temporary crown to shield the implant from additional harm. If there is not any more harm done to your dental implant, they will replace the broken abutment.

In some severe cases, the screw holding the dental crown in place gets damaged or broken. In these cases, the only appropriate treatment is to remove and replace it with a new one. In a lot of these extreme cases, the damage to the screw damages the patient’s jawbone structure which makes it unable to hold another dental implant in place. 

To fix this problem, dentists usually perform a bone graft procedure to replenish the jawbone structure and make it strong enough to hold an implant in place. A patient must wait for a few months before their jawbone is ready and healed enough to get the new dental implant constructed.

A bone graft treatment is supposed to be performed immediately after an extraction. So do not be surprised if you see your doctor getting ready to perform procedures right after you get your implant removed. For the bone graft to fix and heal properly to become strong takes more than three months. 

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