What is the basic customs procedure for import of goods?

Customs clearance process is one of the most vital. Without this, you cannot think of importing goods to the USA. Only established firms and those eligible make it to the clearance certificate to take their business on an international platform. For those who are new to import and export must possess complete knowledge of customs or hire a customs broker to represent their company.

The process of import and export is almost similar in the USA, it is essential to check the current law and terms as the rules of countries change with time. Instead of following others and their opinions, it is wise to seek support from customs broker for Amazon fba or similar firms to help you give thorough knowledge of the same.

Basic customs procedure for import of goods:

A customs clearance process means preparing the goods to be released from the doc to reach the foreign land for conducting business. The customs office inspects the goods, their eligibility, and other terms before releasing the clearance certificate to the owner. Certain documents are mandatory to be submitted to the customs office on time. Delay in document submission or any errors can even reject the clearance certificate.

Below are the two mandatory steps to obtain custom clearance for import:

  • Arrange the necessary documents for the import
  • Pay the mandatory duty and tariffs to the customs office applicable on the goods for clearance

Other than the above mandatory steps, the customs agent also ensures that the process is simplified and speeded up to do business smoothly. They also calculate the taxes, duties, and any other charges applicable during the customs process.

Here are a few more roles performed by the customs agent during the clearance process:

  • They make arrangements at the port for entry of goods.
  • They support in declaration goods on arrival at the port or warehouse.
  • They prepare invoice that contains all the necessary information in relation to the goods for the import.
  • The customs agent takes care of filing for cargo release. He/she prepares the documentation and fills details on behalf of the company.
  • The agent calculates the duties and estimated charges on the import of goods. They guide the owner to arrange for funds accordingly.
  • An agent also represents the company and follows the customs formalities on behalf of the company. To know more, contact customs broker for Amazon fba.