Why quartz countertops make an affordable choice over granite?

Granite and quartz countertops bring a huge difference to your bathroom as well as kitchen. Both options are open and come with distinct benefits to the homeowner. However, there are a few features that are slightly different from each other making these stones unique. Our article focuses on how quartz can be an affordable choice comparatively for your kitchen countertops. For those that can invest a little more, granite makes an excellent choice too for their kitchen and bathroom.

Attending exhibitions or visiting stores like comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet may help you experience these stones and their features personally. For now, let’s understand how quartz can be a better option for budgeted homes.

Reasons quartz countertops make an economical choice over granite:

  • Quartz is a highly durable material. Many designers and manufacturers will assure you of granite countertops; however, if you look closely quartz last longer than granite. Thus, the durability of quartz is almost indestructible. Being non-porous in nature, it becomes easy to clean. There are minimal chances of bacteria, moisture, or dirt to settle on quartz countertops.
  • One area you need to be careful at is the temperature. Quartz maybe slightly weaker than granite to withstand heat and thus, you may need heat pads and other protective covers to place your hot pans over it.
  • Quartz offers you an eco-friendly solution as it is engineered by humans. Thus, it is easily available with your local suppliers as well. For families that wish to protect the environment may switch to quartz counters for their kitchen and bathroom.
  • Unlike other stones, quartz offers you natural look. Although, the color and design is entirely at the discretion of the owner, quartz has gained a huge popularity for its similarities with granite and other stones giving it a natural look. The best advantage of quartz is that you can customize it as per your room and preferences.
  • Quartz doesn’t take much of a task as far as maintenance and repair is concerned. Once you install these with a sealant, cleaning becomes simpler and convenient. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is also low.

Both, granite and quartz make a good choice in kitchen as well as bathroom countertops. It depends on your budget and brands like comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet that help you make the best selection for your home. Visit them to discuss further.