Don’t Miss Out on Booking for Blackstone Griddles Available Only with BBQs 2u

It’s time for users to throw away their matches, charcoal, and the mess of using the conventional grill as Blackstone is entering Europe with its propane-powered Griddles. They are launching some amazing models of Griddles on the online store of BBQs 2u which is an approved dealer of Blackstone. 

BBQs 2u is the best platform for selling barbecues and grillers as it is UK’s most reputed and reliable family-run business that is passionate about barbecues. They are also the authorised dealers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon BBQs, Masterbuilt, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. 

Blackstone takes grilling and barbecuing to an enhanced level by introducing Blackstone 28-inch Griddle with a hood that is just perfect for outdoor cooking. They offer the most effective and practical griddles on the market to bring family and friends together. Although they create and engineer all of their products in the USA using cutting-edge technology and innovation, they are more than just manufacturers of outdoor cooking appliances. For them, customers are their top priority and they design high-quality solutions that deliver the best outcomes.

Users can book and pre-order their favourite Blackstone 28” Griddle with a hood to avoid last minute rush by clicking on this link The stocks will arrive by Jan 2023 on BBQs 2u online store or even before that. 

The Blackstone 28-inch Griddle with hood is reasonably priced, comes with a wide range of features and capabilities, and is, therefore, the ideal flat-top grill for outdoor cooking. This small, versatile Outdoor 28-inch Gas Grill Griddle Station with Flat Top is readily capable of preparing any kind of delectable dish. The two stainless steel burners enable dual heat zone control while its cast iron top ensures even heating. The hood serves as a basting dome to help steam and evenly cook the food as well as a cover to shield the griddle from the outdoors. 

It comes with two stainless steel H burners separately controlled and offer a combined cooking power of 30000 BTU. Each burner has a cooking power of 15000 BTU. There is no need to mess with a lighter with a 20-pound propane tank that powers its two independent burners. 

The latest feature added to this griddle is the Grease Management System which is at the rear side of the equipment. Grease is a necessary component that accumulates on the top surface while cooking. The Grease Management of the 28” Griddle allows users to direct this grease quickly and efficiently off and away from the cooktop. This results in less mess while cooking and faster cleaning. 

The Blackstone 28-inch griddle is perhaps best of all since, after the cooktop is removed, users can easily fold it up and transport it anywhere they go, whether to the beach, the fishing hole, the hunting cabin, or to any of their friend’s place for an outside cooking experience. 

Blackstone is a well-known reputed brand in terms of offering the highest standards of reasonably priced quality cooking appliances. The availability of Blackstone Griddle stocks on BBQs 2u is an added advantage for the brand. Customers who rely completely on BBQs 2u for the company’s product availability will buy knowing they are in safe hands if it’s BBQs 2u.