Methods of Obtaining an Overseas License to Drive

Many of us find driving to be a fascinating and enjoyable sport. There is a certain thrill to be had when you’re behind the wheel by yourself, whether you’re in your own country or a foreign one. You may take driving for granted in your home country of India, but foreign visitors frequently have questions about the procedures they must follow before getting behind the wheel. Here’s an easy way to solve your problem. You may apply for an international driver’s licence that will allow you to legally drive a car in many nations.

Those planning to drive while visiting a number of different countries should get an international drivers license, an official document recognised by the United Nations. A valid driver’s licence is required in order to drive in any country, therefore travellers may get this licence to drive lawfully in many nations. Your driver’s licence from your home country may be changed into an International Driver’s License with the proper paperwork and a little fee. First, let’s take a look at your plans for obtaining the overseas permission and the steps you’ll need to take to make that happen. The International Driver’s License is under one of four main kinds of driving licences.

License to Practice Driving (Learner’s Permit)

  • Licensing that lasts forever
  • Permission to Operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle

International Driver’s License

If you’re planning on renting a vehicle and driving throughout the globe, you’ll need an International Driver’s License. Please remember that this permit is only valid when used in combination with your regular driver’s licence. It is the main purpose of this licence to ensure that the bearer may legally drive a motor vehicle in any country. Because it is only good for a year, you’ll have to reapply for an International Driver’s License when the first one expires.

Why You Should Get an International License to Drive

The following are just some of the privileges you’ll enjoy as the owner of an International Driver’s License:

For identification purposes, a valid international driver’s licence may be accepted in many countries.

In contrast to the United States, drivers in other countries do not need to take any further exams or fulfil any other stipulations.

To qualify for an International Driver’s Permit, you must provide proof of a valid driver’s licence issued by the country of your residence. As was said before, an International Driving Permit serves as official proof that you are legally allowed to drive a motor vehicle in any country.

The International Driver’s License is currently recognised and honoured in over 150 countries worldwide thanks to the agreement’s widespread acceptance.


The main advantage of having an International Driving Permit is that it is published in many other languages. These include English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Scandinavian, and Portuguese, among others. This not only helps other nations verify the information they have on you as an International Driver’s License holder, but also makes your International Driving Permit valid in any country that recognises it.