Powerful dialogues from Cartel and their meaning

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ALTBalaji’s recent thriller entertainment, Cartel has received massive popularity ever since its release (we are not really surprised). While the viewers have praised the phenomenal ensemble and the gripping storyline, they’ve also seemed to enjoy the powerful dialogues of every character. TBH, the one-liners are hands down the highlight of the web series (and no we’re not kidding). Aap khud hi dekhlo

Below are the top five dialogues from the Cartel web series that will most definitely blow your mind. Here, take a look: 

  • “Dixit, duniya main do tarah ke log hote hai. Ek jinke paas sawal hote hai, aur doosre jinke paas jawab”- Commissioner

That’s right! You heard the Commissioner. According to him, the world is divided into two people. One, those guys who have a million questions. And second, the ones with all the answers. Interesting, eh? Well, what we can say? It’s honestly one of the most real dialogues ever said on Cartel! 

  • “Mitane se kai zyada milane main samajhdari hai anna” – Khan

 Well, this has to be the best! When the crime lord of Mahim, Khan warns Anna, we can’t help but agree with him. His advice of joining hands with the rivals rather than eliminating them has indeed saved everybody a lot of trouble in the Cartel web series (especially Anna). Don’t you think so too? We bet, you do! 

  • “Goli kahi se bhi chale, marta toh koi apna hi hai” – Gajraj 

Gajraj might be one of the baddies but hey, guess what? Surprisingly enough, he is a man with a soft heart. And this dialogue from Cartel is living proof of his empathy towards others. When he said that everybody loses their loved ones in a gun war, we couldn’t help but tear up (*BRB, wiping our tears*). 

  • “Angre toh Angre hai, marenge ya phir maarenge”- Shekhar

Now, the Cartel web series is about none other than the Angre family. This influential family of Mumbai is feared by everyone. Why? Oh c’mon now (it’s for obvious reasons, of course). No points for guessing the right answer because hey, the Angres will either die or kill. There’s no in-between for them. Quite literally! (*dang*). 

  • “Desh ki goli sirf desh ke dushman ke liye hoti hai”- Major Bhau 

Ladies and gentlemen. We’ve saved the best for the last! This intense dialogue on how the country’s bullet is for nobody but the traitor said by Major Bhau has been winning hearts (and no we’re not kidding). We can’t stop going gaga over his confidence while delivering such a strong one-liner in the Cartel web series. Kudos to the man!

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