Truck Accidents Caused by Commercial Truck Drivers


Commercial trucks like big rigs and transport trucks present unique dangers to smaller vehicles like small cars, minivans, and their passengers. Not just do truck drivers need to be informed of the risks presented by their large and heavy vehicles, but other drivers also need to use extra caution in their presence. Minor driving errors, like failing to signal before passing, can result in catastrophe when an eighteen-wheeler is involved, especially at high speeds.

Following is a review of some everyday situations that can cause or contribute to commercial truck accidents. Speak with a truck accident lawyer or visit  Overview for more information.

Truck Drivers Tiredness

Federal regulations govern of the amount of time a commercial truck driver can log driving per week, and it is fixed for all kind of heavy truck drivers. After knowing that, the rules are to check the risk of driver tiredness, the law states that commercial trucks operators are only to drive for 11 hours max after ten consecutive hours off duty.

Bad or Improper Truck Maintenance

All transport custody checks will be documented. It is the liabilities of the trucking company and the truck drivers to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles. These companies and drivers can be liable for a trucking accident if poor vehicle maintenance or faulty equipment is the cause of the accident

Inattentive Driving

The nature of truck drivers’ jobs makes it easy to become inattentive while travelling. The longtime driving on the highway road, often in remote or repetitional scenic places can lead to an urge to multitask. The driver has to keep their full attention on road and operating the vehicle at all times to avoid catastrophic injuries and accidents.

Texting Truck Drivers

All most all states, texting while driving is against the law, and it is banned nationwide for drivers of commercial trucks. Unfortunately, this law does not prevent all drivers from engaging in this dangerous behaviour. And also using a mobile phone while driving can be hazardous for any drivers.

Speeding Truck Drivers

Those drivers are exceeding the speed limit put others on the road at dangerous because they are not driving with the maintenance of traffic rules. This is the main reason for worry with truckers, especially since the cars or truck they’re driving weights nearly 20 times more than the average passenger vehicle. Commercial truck drivers usually speed because they are on stringent timelines.

Unsafe Driving Practices

Truck drivers log near about thousands of miles every week. Long ranges of time on the road can become wearying and may cause some teenagers drivers to become unsafe with how they operate their vehicles. In the purpose of speeding, dangerous driving practices include:

  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Road rage
  • Failure to check for blind spots
  • Frequent lane changes

Insufficient  Training

If a driver has not got the proper training and does not idea about the traffic signal in how to handle a commercial truck, defensive driving, and other safety factors, then the truck drivers will pose a hazard on the road.

Unfamiliarity with roads or inexperience driving

Suppose you are a driver and you are travelling an unknown road, it is very much sure you can face driving challenges. Now imagine if you are driving an 80,000-pound vehicle for the first time and didn’t realize how narrow, curvy or rough a particular road was. The combination of factors can be disastrous.


Some regulations condition how much weight a commercial truck can able to carry because overloading can lead to cause and accidents such as tire blowouts or jackknife accidents.

Road Construction

Road construction plans can cause delays in traffic. These natural roadblocks often limit drivers to one lane of traffic. Many of driver didn’t understand what can they do at bad road construction for that they do mistake and fall on accident.

Hire a Trucking Attorney with Experience

If you’ve been in a truck collision, you want to have a lawyer who has experience with these specific type of cases. Trucking accidents, especially those as a result of the prevalent causes of a truck collision, are handled differently than accidents that involve only passenger vehicles.