Types of Hair Colour: Guide to All the Different Colouring Techniques

There may be a million types of hair Colour, but here are some tips you need to know …

When it comes to many types of hair Colour, is your brain left to spin? We understand, we too feel dizzy. But don’t worry, because if you want a Colour change, but you don’t know your ombre from your balayage, you’re in Dark brown hair colour.

Below we separate the different types of hair Colour and all the requirements to know about the different Colour techniques available in the market. And above all, our inspiring gallery will ensure that you go with a clear idea of ​​what your next hue will be. Enjoy!

Permanent Hair

 Permanent Colours never go out of fashion.

Permanent shades are similar to temporary Colours in appearance, but while the temporary Colour will begin to fade quickly, the permanent Colour disappears very slowly. Note: although it is called ‘permanent’, there is no permanent Colour, but it can stay healthy for a long time if properly cared for.

Many types of hair colouring options are available as permanent options and are generally considered to be the most popular item for women when it comes to exploring different types of Hair Colour.

However, if you are considering Colouring your hair and want a natural finish, we suggest you start with a temporary Colour. Then, when you are ready to make a commitment, stick to shades that are no more than 2 shades darker than your natural Hair Colour.

Temporary Hair Colour

Like permanent hair Colours, you can’t tell if a person has a temporary Colour with the naked eye (unless you are a hairdresser either).

The great appeal of temporary hair Colours is that you can try all the latest hair Colour styles (like this silver hue) without full commitment.

Note, however, that temporary  Dark brown hair colour tends to disappear gradually after each wash, so be prepared for the Colour change all the time – especially if you choose Colours like pastel or opal.

Highlighting Hair

Can anyone remember life before the highlights? The colour painting was the first way to achieve sun-kissed hats (before balayage i.e.) but that’s not the only thing they’re ready for, oh no.

The highlights help to add a multi-dimensional effect to the hair and, if the thoughts of those hollow caps get into your mind, make sure the highlights go a long way from there – thank you!

Editor Tip: Show off your new Colour with the cool end of the ocean wave. Get a look by spraying dry tresses Spray after drying and this will help create flexible waves and strong textures on your locks.

Low lights

While highlights help to lighten hair strands, low light does the opposite by working to darken hair. Often used in combination with other Colour techniques, low light adds depth and effect to your Dark brown hair colour.

This Colour scheme is ideal for those with light wires who want to test the water in black, without getting all the Colour. Low lights can also help the hair to look thicker and lighter, making it a great way to Colour in women with beautiful hair.

Balayage Hair

 Balayage hues are a popular choice. Balayage hair has become a hotly Coloured, highly sought-after Colour due to its long list of stars for a vibrant look. This free Colouring process provides a natural finish that can be as many Colours or simple as you like.

We love the balayage method of adding a look of sun-kissed shades of dark brown or light blond tresses.

Find out all you need to know about balayage hair.

Ombre Colour

Ombre is a shade that is used to combine two Colours without stitching, the hair usually darkens at the roots and gradually disappears into a light shade towards the pillars. Although it sounds almost like a dip-dye, the purpose of the ombre is to have no solid lines between the two shades, which makes it a very good look.

From Lily Aldridge to Drew Barrymore, all the big names are seen in ombre and because of their low care appeal, they choose the perfect Dark brown hair colour for those who do not want to carry constant contact.

Editor Tip: No matter what hair Colour you choose, keep in mind that you will need to switch to a shower and care system that is designed specifically for you with Coloured strands. We love Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner for keeping Colour healthy for a long time.

Root Colour

This new Colour trend is an amazing entry if you are looking for different types of Hair Colour. From Selena Gomez to Hailey Baldwin, celebrities and girls on Instagram deliberately Colour their roots black. But why?

Henna Hair Dye

If you want something different when it comes to hair Colour types, you will love henna. Not only for body art, but henna is also becoming a quick choice for those looking for a natural, chemical-free way to Colour their tresses.

And that is not all. How you count your hair with henna may not be how it comes from your best friend. Why? Because henna works with your existing hair Colour, every result will be different for each individual and give you a completely different Colour!

Ready to have fun? Of course, you, then switching to Dark brown hair colour is just what you need.

From ceremonies to party styles, a haircut is a fun way to make your hair look stylish and once the night is over, you can simply wash the Colour (but not those memories).