Your Options to Store Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood

Storing umbilical blood is now a demanding practice in modern countries. Many parents ask their doctors to collect umbilical cord fluid and send it for storage. The primary purpose of storing cord blood for most parents is to secure the future health of their little one. The best part of umbilical cord fluid is that it can provide precious and infection-free stem cells for your child. These cells are beneficial in treating many different diseases, including immune disorders and blood ailments, including cancer.

Storing stem cells can be remarkable for your baby’s health. They are vital to living healthily in our everyday life because they can help regenerate and repair tissues, such as skin, bone marrow, and the digestive tract. Stem cells can be undifferentiated. They can divide and mature into specialized cell types. Stem cells are also handy in developing, maintaining, and renewing all tissues and organs.

There are usually three options for umbilical cord fluid collection available to you. These include public cord banks, direct donation banks, and private or commercial cord banks.

Private cord banks      

Most private or commercial cord banks store donated blood for the donor and their family members. Commercial cord banks charge a fee for collection and yearly storage. Therefore, it can be an expensive option for a specific family. LifeCells makes the collection and storage of your baby’s umbilical cord blood easy and stores it for you for as many years as you want.

Public Cord Banks 

These storage banks aim to serve the general public and store the umbilical cord fluid for free. These fluids are available in the form of donations for anyone who needs them for treatment purposes. Public cord banks also use the donated umbilical fluid for research purposes.

Direct Donation Banks

Direct donation banks consist of private and public cord blood banks. They aim to store umbilical cord fluid for public use and accept donations reserved for diverse families without charging you any fee.