A Guide to Learn About ATV Titles

When it comes to shipping ATV, you must look at the cost factors also. Sometimes the distance might be a problem or sometimes the weight. The vehicles do need to have a title. The title helps to state the owner of the vehicle. Further, most of the ATVs come without titles which is not good at all.

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How to register ATVs without a title?

There are rare chances that ATVs will be without a title. If you have purchased one without a title, you must get it licensed soon. Further, talk to the local DMV to get it titled. Some of the things to include are:

  • The VIN along with the ATV
  • Both addresses of the buyer and seller
  • Details of the purchase price and date of purchase of ATV

If you get an ATV without a title, you will need to bring the seller along with you. They have to sign to agree to the condition. Most of the states give the seller with a Title certificate that needs to be filled to title the vehicle. After submitting to the DMV, the vehicle will get its legal owner.

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How much does it cost to ship an ATV?

Fuel surcharges are the basics that are included in the costing requirements. Likewise, this works in the case of longer distances. Many companies do provide insurance but only some provide for the damages while shipping.

What to consider when choosing the shipping company?

•       The method of shipping

The shipment is done in open or closed cars. It depends on what you want to choose. Open car shipping is not ideal if it is raining since the vehicle can get damaged. Closed car shipping is used in most cases.

•       Checking for insurance policy

The shipping costs must cover the insurance policy as well. The coverage should be of basic details of insurance. Before sending the ATV, get all the details thoroughly checked.

•       Tracking of the shipment

Companies do offer live tracking of the ATV shipment. Besides, keep track of your mobile phones through the tracking number. This will make sure the ATV reaches you soon.

Selling the ATV with no title

This turns out to be such a red flag and people should not fall for it. You will get zero if you sell without the title. If you need to sell without title, you will have to prove that you are the legal owner. Gather the documents of the vehicle you got at the time of purchase.


All the 4 wheelers today have titles since it keeps the vehicles secured. The title depends on the state’s decisions. But when you have the title, the ATV gets easily sold. Register the vehicle soon so you can consider it to be your own.