5 Hidden Paradise at Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has many tranquil places to relax. Get yourself discovering the hidden paradise at Yogyakarta.

  1. Srakung Beach

Getaway from reality for a short while and indulge in the beauty of Srakung Beach. This paradise is the best in case you want to escape from the concrete jungle and get in contact with nature! Flanked by two cliffs, Srakung Beach is unruly with lush greenery. You can sense a touch of wilderness too.

Appreciate the moment and laze on the sand because only a handful of people could be seen walking around the shore; until the audience learns about this location, it is still unknown to many so get the most from it! After basking in the sunlight and enjoying the sea breeze, why do not jump in the sea? After all, that is what you are here for! And if you’re currently looking for exceptional photo opportunities, explore the spot below the horizon as the oddly-shaped limestone result in quirky image backdrops.

  1. Ngrawah Beach

To be frank, it’s not easy to discover this heaven. Ngrawah Beach is hidden behind farms, but with such beauty, we bet it will be hard to conceal it. A vast stretch of sand sandwiched between 2 shores that are vigorous is what Ngrawah shore has on offer. Come during dusk and be hypnotized by marvelous sunset views as colors of orange and pink take over the skies!

For Mother Nature show, settle in after sunset! Stay back and relax as the dazzling Milky Way comes on stage in the sky. The ambiance and the scene make it the ideal date night with your loved one. Stay over at evening while you both share your wildest dreams, and revel in camping under the stars.

  1. Sedahan Beach

Flanked by two cliffs, this virgin shore is where you can discover calm waters with glistering blue colors, perfect for a refreshing swim or a snorkeling session amidst magnificent creatures.

We recommend you to drop through the afternoon to enjoy low tides and relaxing waters for a simple soak. During the enormous waves, it is possible to have a dip and watch schools of fishes making their way throughout the corals. Sea animals that call this shore home comprise the adorable sea turtles! From April to August annually, they put their precious eggs and will migrate here.

On the lookout for a good catch, this beach attracts regional fishermen besides turtles and shore lovers! Obviously, just lazing around the beach and doing nothing is an activity that the soothing sounds of the waves slipping throughout the cliff stones alone will rejuvenate mind, your entire body, and soul.

  1. Watu Nene Beach

Hidden behind a towering and majestic valley in Tepus Village is a beach that boasts and that’s the beauty of Watu Nene Beach! Sandwiched between an assortment of magnificent shoreline and also the grand Indian Ocean, this shore might remind one about Bali’s famous Dreamland Beach, but rest assured, you won’t find similar audiences of tourists. To reach this beach is not easy! You have to drive through a narrow walkway down the cliff and lots of reports it to become quite dangerous and challenging. You have to be careful during driving or take an experienced driver with you.

  1. Ngrumput Beach

Pristine are some of the words that best describe this hidden jewel of a beach. This is the place for nature lovers and campers searching for a short escape from a week of city life that is stressful. Ngrumput beach promises a pristine nature with clear waters and sparkling sand. With the relaxing and stunning views, it is no surprise that campers like to spend a night here to see the enchanting sunset. Nature lovers can also find an unusual sight of waves that are wild piercing although dazzling reefs here. If you love to hike, try to conquer the nearby Kosakora hill. You’ll be rewarded with views of the gorgeous horizon, resting in harmony with the mountains upon reaching the summit.

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