7 Best Casino Deal or No Deal Game Tips to Win Real Money

You know Deal or No Deal, considered one of the most played games in Indian casinos that used to be the most entertaining TV game. Now when it comes to online casino platforms, most players play the deal or no deal game depending on a wild guess. But in reality, even games like deal or no deal mostly depend on luck and have some specific strategy. But if you can focus on the game properly, you will be able to win.

Now deal or no deal game is divided into three parts, each necessary to complete properly.

  • Qualification Round

The first round is getting qualified for the further steps. Here the participants have to spin a big wheel to lined-up the gold bars. Gold bars will give you a chance to open the vault.

  • Booting Briefcases

In this round, you must choose a briefcase and put in a betting amount. This step will increase your betting amount. You can spin the wheel again to add the betting amount to the briefcase.

  • Choosing The Briefcases

this is the final step. Now, if you are playing an online deal or no deal game, the computer will shuffle it for you, and then you have to choose. Then the computer will open all the briefcases to reveal the number. Here you will get two offers. Either you can choose the bank offer not to open the briefcase, or you can choose to open the final briefcase and get the money inside that briefcase.

Now, most of us think it is a luck-oriented casino game that depends on wild guesses, and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to win the game. But like every other casino game, deal or no deal is based on some strategy.

Best Strategy to Win Real Money on Deal or No Deal-

Before you learn more about the strategy, you have to choose whether you are playing the game for fun or to earn money because your strategy at a point depends on your choice. These strategies are mainly beneficial for an online deal or no deal game.

  1. Focus on Qualification Round

The Qualification Round is the first step and your door toward your dream. Here three levels are available; very easy, easy, and normal. Choose your level depending on your ability. And try to lined-up the three golden bars at once.

  1. Add Some Amount in the Beginning

The Second round is where you can get a chance to bet some amount and increase the value of briefcases. Now you can choose not to if you are playing the game for fun or practice. But if you want an option to earn money, then this stage is important.

  1. Be Wise About the Bank Offer

Now, if you are only playing, do not care about the bank offer. But if the bank offers a deal that values double your betting amount, accepting the offer is wise.

  1. Keep The Record of Your Betting Amount

you are playing an online deal or no deal to win some extra amount even if you are not here to win a larger amount. Now you must keep a record of the amount you have put on a bet. These will help you identify if the bank offer is greater or the briefcase is.

  1. Play Top-up Round

The Dealer will offer you a top-up round to increase the value of your briefcase. These rounds increase your earnings, so try not to miss any chance.

  1. Increase The Briefcase’s value

Like the top-up round, you will get a chance to level up your briefcase’s value. Remember, increasing the briefcases’ value will allow you to get the best offer from the bank.

  1. Choose More Briefcases at a Time

Now, in the game dealer or computer will give you two chances. Either you can choose a single briefcase, or you can choose 3 or 4 briefcases together. The strategy will reduce your chances of losing.

However, different betting sites in India can differentiate the game rules, but the strategies mentioned here will work for all.


These strategies will increase your payout, but the game depends more on your focusing power. If you are looking for a betting site in India that will give you the best bank offer regarding the deal or no-deal game, try Fairplay. Remember to follow the briefcase during a shuffle. And after the shuffle, you will get only 10 seconds to choose the briefcase. Most people do that randomly, but you can win big if you follow your chosen briefcase. Again, if you are playing the game for money, then make sure you choose the best bank offer.