Benefits of Finding a South African Boerboel Puppy

It is vital to remember that Boerboels are South Africa native dog breed. 

They come with incredible strength, intelligence, and stamina, which will provide you a perfect enjoyment, protection, and peace of mind.

Similarly, like other breeds, you should know that owning this dog comes with numerous benefits. We will provide you the information you need to handle and deal with the South African boerboel dog breed.

  • Intelligence

The first thing you should remember when owning a Boerboel puppy is that you will get a brilliant canine friend. Of course, it is vital to think about proper training, but you will teach it tricks and commands with ease.

Its intelligence comes due to natural pack instincts. Therefore, if they think of you as a good, firm, and stable leader, the dog will follow your every command.

Even though it comes with significant intelligence compared with other breeds, you should know that puppies will not follow your commands from the very start. It is important to remember that dog training requires effort, time, and dedication.

The main idea is to implement repetition, which will help your canine friend master all commands and techniques you wish to teach.

If you do everything correctly, and you will get a trained and robust watchdog. However, most people tend to mistake their easy-going personality during the pre-adolescent stage. 

The main idea is that you should care for it with love and training, which will lead to a courageous and protective dog.

  • Brave and Courageous

You should know that South African mastiffs or Boerboels are amazingly brave. Therefore, both passers-by and dog owners will notice that these dogs are always in charge and leading. 

That way, this breed will guard their households and provide you additional protection during nighttime. Besides, they are also loyal, which means that they will deal with offenders that will try to exercise force and harm you in any way.

By checking here, you will learn more information about Boerboels to provide you peace of mind. 

Similarly, like people, dogs come with different personalities. That is why you should find a puppy to ensure the safety of your household. It means you should avoid disregarding its character for loyalty.

Instead, you should care for it with love, and in return, a South African mastiff will lay down its life for your sake.

  • Training and Exercise

Taking your dog out for a walk or conducting exercise is essential for dealing with excess energy it has as a breed. If you decide to go out with a Boerboel, you can rest assured because both of you will receive exercise as a result.

Since it features considerable size, you should know that walking will help it stay in shape and avoid overweight and obese issues. At the same time, you may overfeed your dog due to its large size, and it will sleep the entire day.

Instead of creating a large eating habit, you should implement a daily routine where you will go outside of the house, which will keep it in perfect shape.

  • Long Life Expectancy

Dog years are entirely different than human ones. For instance, a single year for people can be equivalent to fifteen canine years, which is essential to remember. 

Another reason people choose Boerboels is due to their long-life expectancy compared with other breeds.

Of course, you must think about other aspects and routines, including care, exercise, and proper diet, but they can leave up to twelve years. The essential consideration is to visit a veterinarian, which will keep your puppy or dog away from potential issues.

Still, this breed is prone to some conditions and issues, which is essential to remember.

  • You Will Get an Outdoor Breed

You should know that Boerboels enjoy the outdoors, which means they are not suitable for apartments. Therefore, they have healthy bodies and strong legs, which means you should prevent them from running without proper supervision.

Still, it means they are not for tight areas, which means you should avoid them unless you have a backyard. You should enter this site: to learn more about this particular breed. 

Since they come with significant energy, especially at a young age, you will need to dedicate part of your day to keep them calm and in perfect shape. That is the best way to ensure their personalities do not become overly-energized and aggressive.