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Color trends in Web design to look out for in 2021

The web design industry is witnessing a continuous change in its dynamics. The current requirements of a website are to be more communication-oriented and engaging for the customers. Adapting to these changing trends will play a pivotal role in business growth.

Choosing a trending color scheme is usually an afterthought for a business. However, it plays a significant role in attracting customers and invoking specific feelings. Colors affect the perception and judgment of visitors. It acts as a compelling force to either check out the website or sign out. Brands like McDonald’s, Dominos, Subway have color schemes that induce the customers to eat with them. Based on research and findings, they opted for red, blue, and green colors, respectively. Similarly, an e-commerce website should examine the impact of colors on their potential customers for maximum benefits. It enhances the credibility of the company.

Picking a color scheme sounds easy, but in reality, this process is overwhelming. There are around 10 million colors to choose from and apply. Here is a list of currently trending color schemes you can use for your websites:

  • Soft tones: If you wish to make your product stand out, soft and minimal tones can enhance the appeal. The muted colors coupled with a simple layout refine and class up the user experience. You can avoid distractions and highlight the product using the desaturated colors. Desaturation is the process of toning down the shades. These tones are suitable for websites selling jewelry or items requiring focus.
  • Grey-White-Red: Simple black, grey, and white have always been the favorite color scheme of designers. The little red sprinkled here and there makes the page pop. These colors increase the professionalism of the page. They work well for websites that want to highlight the content rather than products. The blending of grey, red, black with off-white color dials down the boredom on the page.
  • Gradients: Gradient colors schemes have always been a favorite minimal yet creative design. It gives the illusion of movement and helps in engaging customers. Instagram is one of the prime examples of a gradient color scheme. Using different color combinations to create multiple hues brings out the texture of the web design. The colors must support the elements of the brand.
  • Retro color schemes: The retro colors are making a comeback in this decade and are increasing the fun. Combined with the modern colors and styles, they are appealing to both the younger and older generation. Spotify uses warm orange and red tones with a modern twist to allure the 70’s to 90’s audience.
  • Bright, soft pink, and black: The different shades of pink make the jet-black elements stand out and attract visitors. It is a trendy and modern color pallet that invokes enjoyment, class, elegance, and social buzz.
  • Dark Mode: In recent times, dark mode is overpowering the color trends. It is because it gives an ultra-modern look. It saves power and highlights other design elements. It also reduces strain on the eyes in a low-light environment. Black associates itself with strong emotions. Companies should use it within limits because excess is always harmful.
  • Earthy tones: Providing a light touch of earthy tones to an otherwise plain color scheme helps focus on the core elements. It draws attention to images, texts, and products in the muted color scheme. The companies dealing in agriculture, food, and plant-based services can make excellent use of this color scheme.
  • Red with muted tones: Usually, the red color signifies caution or danger. That is why companies use it to the minimum. However, the trend of using red color with muted tones is gaining pace in current times. The modern and bold color draws attention while muted tones balance its brightness. The mutes tone lets the page breathe while red does the heavy lifting.
  • Pastels: Pastel colors are a bold yet modern choice. They provide elegance and class to the website. Paired with futuristic primaries, it can influence the young generation without descending into gaudiness.


Color schemes enhance the appeal, look, and feel of your web design. It adds to the uniqueness of your brand. The way colors interact with other website elements can impact its conversion, bounce, and dwelling rate. The credibility and success of your website depend upon the user experience. Kinex Media offers exquisite and uniquely designed web design services to its clients. They assess your needs and requirement and propose a design accordingly.