The Engagement That Turns Special with the Special Ring

Engagement is a pre-wedding ritual, a marriage proposal, and its positive result is an engagement ring on the bride’s hand. The engagement ring is a symbol of a man’s serious intentions and an indicator of how much the future husband values ​​the relationship. The tradition of engagement was introduced recently and there are still a number of issues for example, on which finger to wear Black Diamond Ring, how to choose that must be addressed before purchasing.

What are engagement rings?

The rings are a sign that the couple has seriously decided to start a family and are planning a wedding soon. If such an ornament appears on a girl’s hand, the environment immediately realizes that she is the bride. Classic and sophisticated design option one or more small round cuts. You can choose a combined ring, there will be interesting models of colored crystals, different grinding.

If you have a decent way, it is better to make an ornament to order. Goldsmiths will design, take into account all your wishes and style. As for the material, the groom should understand that the girl will wear the ring for a long time and combine it with other jewelry. You can choose a product made of white, red, yellow gold, platinum or silver with gold.

Which is different from engagement?

The characteristic features of the proposal ring are:

  • The ring has a beautiful large stone or a few gems. Wedding jewelry simple concise shape.
  • Wedding rings are made of gold, and gold jewelry is made of any precious metal.
  • The groom presents the ring on the day or before the engagement, and the couple changes the wedding product at the wedding.
  • Wedding rings are worn constantly from the moment of marriage, and the gift of the future groom can be worn on each finger.
  • Wedding rings are a symbol of marital unity, and a marriage proposal ring is a man’s desire to spend his entire life with a woman.

Perhaps a marriage proposal is the most romantic ceremony in every girl’s life. On this day, in support of his sincere feelings and serious intentions, the beloved man presents her with an engagement ring. The girl, accepting the ring, agrees to marry, and from that moment the couple is officially considered married and groom. Traditionally, a man chooses and buys rings for a marriage proposal, trying to guess the tasty preferences of his lover. This is not an easy task, because the groom bears the burden of responsibility, because the girl will forever remember the moment of punishment. The featured accessory will stay with her for the rest of her life and will remind her of that wonderful day when she agreed to become his wife. Modern engagement rings are displayed in such a wide range that even experienced connoisseurs can easily get confused and lose their head. Since many people are wondering what an engagement ring should be, we decided to give you a few tips and prepare this material.

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Where does this tradition come from and what does it mean today?

The symbolic meaning of engagement rings is very closely related to engagement. The ring means infinity, representing such an accessory; you acknowledge infinite feelings towards each other. On which finger he wore the engagement ring was identified in ancient Egypt. The sages believed that the “love vein” passed through the ring, leading directly to the heart, and for him that groom was to wear the ring. The engagement ring, in addition to being romantic, also carried material significance, after all, so one man showed that he could take care of his lover and be able to support his family.

This tradition was very well accepted in Christianity. For example, Pope Nicholas I issued a decree that each groom must prove his worth and give the bride a gold engagement ring. Sometime later, Pope Innocent III spared the beggars a little and issued his own decree, which allowed him to donate silver or iron rings.

The first ring, adorned with precious diamonds, was presented to his beloved by the Austrian Duke Maximillian in 1477. At that time, some magical forms were attributed to this gem, which were attributed to this gem, capable of evoking mutual love and affection. The Duke therefore endeavored to enchant Mary of Burgundy, and must say that he was quite successful. Using his own example, he showed the newlyweds how to choose wedding rings to make the girl agree safely.

How to find out the size of a ring for a woman?

Well, the most reliable way to determine the size of a girl’s ring is to contact her jeweler. If it doesn’t suit you at all, because the offer is a surprise, and if he finds out, then there will be no surprise, because one day you have to learn again like a real detective.

  • Ring size diagram.
  • You can quietly borrow a ring from a girl for a day; take it to a jeweler, who will actually show the size.
  • Circle the edge of the ring on the paper or roll the paper from the tube, glue it to the ring, make sure everything is securely fastened, fix it and then return it to the jeweler.
  • Find out the size of the ring from your dear friend, unless of course he can keep the secret mission a secret.
  • If all of these methods don’t fit, try a ring on yourself and mark where it matters. Then everything is easy, or ask the jeweler to make measurements and determine the size of the finger, or to measure.
  • If it is determined by size, choose the material and stone.

What rings do you offer today?

Probably the history of Maximilian of Austria served as a good proof that the diamond ring is a symbol of love, so today diamond jewelry is considered a traditional form of fiancée. These can be classic models with single stone or fine products with a scattering of sparkling diamonds. Depending on the style preferences of your sweetheart, the decoration can be chosen in vintage, avant-garde design or modern style. Vintage models are best suited for girls with a delicate artistic taste. For beautiful dreamers, you can buy original rings in the shape of a flower, a heart with emeralds or rubies, for example. Ethno ornaments with interesting ornaments and patterns are also in fashion today, in which you can choose an interesting accessory in the future and turn them into a set.

Your task, dear people, to make your girlfriend’s dreams about the fairy ring comes true. By choosing an engagement ring, you can encounter various problems, and in addition to the visual appearance of the jewelry, there will be many questions. How to choose the size of the ring, its material, the type of stone, how many cards you need and much more. It was his turn to take everything apart.