Getting Ready for Summer Lovin’

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In the USA, summer happens only a quarter of the year. Some say it’s the best time of the year. It is the season to enjoy swimming in the water, sunbathing, or just having a lovely stroll in the park.

CNBC lists top spots in the US during summer. Boston is number one, followed by Seaside in Oregon and Steamboat Springs in Colorado. But although some enjoy staying under the sun, others like to stay away from the hot weather. For these people, USA Today recommends Seattle as the city with the coolest temperature during summer.

It’s understandable. The sun can be unforgiving. This is also the reason why summer lovers must also be summer-ready. We’re not talking about summer bods; according to Vanessa Hudgens, all bodies during summer are summer bods. We’re talking about how to protect you from the heat and prepare you for some summer lovin’.

Preparing your home

Before you even set out for a summer adventure outdoors, it’s best to prepare your home first. After all, you spend most of your time here. Getting your home ready for the summer heat lets you enjoy your space and maybe save you some money from going out too much.

  1. The perfect summer bed

Imagine enjoying a great book in bed as the beautiful summer rays come in from your window. It’s a lovely picture, isn’t it? It will be lovelier if you have the perfect summer sheets.

Linen sheets are soft, breathable, and lightweight. Using these sheets makes for a breezy and sweat-free sleep in summer. These breathable sheets allow air to pass seamlessly, keeping you cool during your sleep. It also absorbs water easily, so you don’t have to wake up sweaty during the heat.

Of course, do not forget to pair your linen sheets with lightweight pillow covers and soft-textured pillows as well.

  1. Air conditioning

To avoid too much sweating in your new sheets, having an air conditioning unit is important. Before summer even begins, you should have already done proper AC maintenance.

This way, you avoid having to call someone during the blistering heat if your air conditioning unit breaks down. Summer is a busy season for air conditioning repairs and maintenance, so better do it ahead to avoid any hassle.

  1. Consider planting

Summer is best enjoyed outdoors. If you have a backyard, it would be wise to plant some trees or install some overhangs. It’s not only refreshing to the eyes. It also allows you to minimize the use of air conditioning and reduce energy consumption.

  1. Upgrade Your Windows

Speaking of energy efficiency, you might also consider installing energy-efficient windows. These windows let the heat out and bring the cool air in. This may involve some serious budget, though. A temporary solution would be to install a Low-E film (low-emissivity) that blocks UV rays from coming through your windows.

Preparing your body

Preparing your home is one thing; preparing yourself for outdoor fun is another. We’re not asking you to spend most of your time at the gym to have a body like Kendal Jenner. These preparations are more practical and doable.

  1. Lotion up

Want to prevent wrinkles, sunburn, premature skin aging, or skin cancer? Apply sunscreen. Sunscreen reflects ultraviolet rays that harm the skin. You might see SPF on your sunscreen label. It means sun protection factor; it indicates the strength of your sunscreen against sunburn. SPF 15 is the minimum if you wish to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

  1. Wear loose clothes

Same as your bed, you have to cover yourself up with breathable clothes during summer. Wearing loose and lightweight clothes allows the sweat to evaporate; the process of evaporation ultimately helps in cooling down your body.

You might ask, “Can I just be naked?” National Public Radio (NPR) answers that. It discusses that when exercising, getting naked allows for faster evaporation of sweat and body cool down. But it is only great when the sun is not shining. When the sun is up, you still need clothes to protect your skin.

  1. Hydrate

Sweat comes from your body. When you sweat, you’re losing important fluid, and you have to replace it. This is why drinking lots of water during summer is important; we’re putting stress on water. Drinking alcohol or drinks with caffeine is not a great idea in extreme heat because instead of helping, these drinks increase the loss of fluid in your body.

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas isn’t the only season that brings joy to everyone. Summer is a fun season, too. To make it more enjoyable, preparations are important. It prevents you from cursing the summer heat; instead, it allows you to scream in excitement and say, “Summer is here!”

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