Getting the right floral arrangements in your wedding budget: Top tips

Wedding planning can be confusing and taxing, and more importantly, it is critical to stick to the budget. With endless venue options in Toronto, you can always get the space you want, but what matters as much is how you deal with the aesthetics. Local services like Raven Blooms wedding flowers can help you do more with limited money, and you can work with their experts to discuss various aspects. Here’s how you can get the ideal floral arrangements.

Prioritize your needs

While you may have seen dreamy table décor on Pinterest, keep in mind that these could be expensive. Start by prioritizing what you need. Two things are most likely to be photographed the most – bouquets for bridesmaids and the bride. Centerpieces are essential, but if you are short on budget, this is where you can cut things to add more elsewhere.

Go for seasonal flowers

In-season blooms don’t cost as much and can be further designed to match the color palette of the wedding. With some essential dinnerware and table décor elements, you can create designs that inch towards subtlety. Many vendors can do bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnières when you are flexible with the choice of flowers. Imported blooms are not bad either, but ask the supplier if they can ensure freshness and timely delivery.

Work in a personal manner

Florists and wedding décor experts are inclined towards doing things in a standard manner, which is why it is a good idea to remain involved. Even when you choose basic floral arrangements, there are ways to tell your love story and add personal elements. For instance, bespoke initials in all bouquets can be incredible for making your guests feel they are a part of the event.

Watch out for table options

Rectangular tables are expensive to design and need more flowers. Round tables don’t always require big centerpieces as the dinnerware is likely to take up more space. Also, you can use elements of green to reduce the dependency on costly blooms alone.

Start early

When you contact a floral supplier early, they have more time to work on the wedding theme and find more options to match your mood. Also, if you intend to use artificial flowers in the mix, their inventory could be booked in advance, leaving no room to cut down the budget.

Make a list of local vendors in Toronto now and start your research.