How do random number generators work in online casino games?

An RNG is a software program that generates a seemingly random sequence of numbers. This randomness simulates rolling dice, picking cards from a deck, or spinning roulette wheels in a physical casino. Understanding how RNGs work helps players evaluate the fairness and randomness of games at an online casino.

The numbers give the impression of being randomly generated, though the process is deterministic. RNGs rely on complex mathematical formulas and operations rather than true randomness from natural sources. The outputs mimic the properties of randomness well enough for applications like statistical sampling and gambling games. Online casinos use pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) that start with an initial number called a seed. The seed undergoes mathematical operations to transform it into a large sequence of seemingly unrelated numbers. The seed changes frequently and unpredictably to prevent a repetition of number sequences. PRNGs produce long cycles of numbers that appear random but are not truly random.

RNGs work in online casino games

best new zealand online casino games connect to the RNG software to receive randomly generated numbers that correlate to game outcomes for each play. The game software translates the numbers into the symbol, card, number, or dice outcome depicted visually in the game. The graphics are just representations of the randomly generated numbers.

For example, in online slots, the RNG might generate a number between 1 and 10,000 for each reel for each spin. The game software uses modules or mappings to translate those random numbers into reel positions. Each number corresponds to a specific symbol or blank space on the reel. The mappings are designed so symbols land in properly weighted distributions to give specific payback percentages.

The outcomes of spins, hands, rolls, or deals in any online casino game depend on randomly generated numbers combined with game rules and payout logic. The RNGs produce random number sequences that get converted into the visible gameplay you see on screen. No strategy or skill impacts the RNG number generation.

Benefits of RNGs in online casinos

  • Fairness – RNGs enable equivalent odds and house advantages across all players. The randomness eliminates any potential for human or dealer errors in physical casinos.
  • Speed – Software RNGs work instantly, allowing faster gameplay and dealing than physical casinos.
  • Scalability – Online casinos can accommodate thousands more players at once than a physical casino thanks to RNG automation.
  • Auditability – Gaming regulators can test and audit RNGs for fairness. Online casinos must have their RNGs certified before operating legally.
  • Cost-efficiency – Maintaining RNG software is less expensive than operating physical casinos with dealers. Online casinos can offer higher payouts due to lower overhead.

Understanding how online casino games leverage RNGs helps players evaluate if a site implements RNGs appropriately to ensure fair gameplay across all its games. Most regulated online casinos have properly configured RNG systems regularly tested for randomness and fairness.