How Much Does Property Cost in Javea?

Considering the benefits of living in Javea, it’s no surprise that property there is more expensive than in other towns in Spain, especially at the start of the property market boom in 2005. But what are the average prices of property like these days? What might you be able to buy? And how does this compare to other popular property destinations in Spain? Let’s look at some of these questions today as we explore the average cost of property in Javea.

Property prices are rising

Current reports show that property prices in Spain are rising after Covid 19, and Spaniards and foreigners alike are once again for investment opportunities. The property market will continue to rise as record-low interest rates increase demand, so it’s an exciting time to invest if you can get a good mortgage deal in Spain. Many people looking for cheap homes abroad are eyeing Javea as an ideal destination because of its proximity to Valencia and Alicante airports and the standard of living. But just how much does property cost in Javea, and what should you expect when buying there? 

Properties can be expensive

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Javea is a resort town, especially when looking at the average property prices in smaller Valencian towns. However, properties in Javea are slightly more expensive, so if your budget is limited, I’d recommend considering moving a little inland. 

Typical costs for resale properties

Pricing a resale property can be tough, but here are some of the general parameters: Villas in Javea typically sell for around 2500€ per square meter. That price, which is based on size, often rises as you move up the quality ladder and increase the square footage of your villa.  For example, an 800-square-meter (about 8,500-square-foot) villa that features spectacular sea views might sell for 3000€ per square meter. The cost of renting a villa varies by location and amenities but generally runs about 1200 per month for a typical three-bedroom home. You can find apartments to rent long-term for around 600 to 700 euros a month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Typical costs for new build properties

The price of a new build home depends on the square meterage of the build and the size of the plot, the location and infrastructure in the immediate area, plus the view and orientation.  You can buy an unpretentious three-bedroom new build villa starting in the region of 380,000 euros in Javea.

Or you could pay anything starting about 650,000 euros up to well over a million euros, for

something spectacular and luxurious.


As of 2022, the average cost of property in Javea is around 3,070 €€/m2. Still, you can find many quality resale villas for around 350,000€. This compares to an average of £667k for a London home and £492k for a semi-detached house in Brighton, Sussex.  Although the property prices in Javea might sound expensive compared to other parts of Spain, it’s far from being as expensive as the larger cities. You can recuperate some of your costs by letting the property to tourists in the height of summer. But be aware you need a permit to do this, and it may or may not be granted.