How to hide the mistress from the wife

When the man finds the target for a new love relation during a night our or at the party, he least of all thinks of consequences of the interaction. He only sees before himself the seductive beautifullady that he really likes, therefore without any second thoughts, the guy will get involved in intimacy if possible even if it is only for one night. If it works out longer, it’s even better – the first few weeks can be really fascinating, the new mistress excites you and keeping this a secret gives you adrenaline, the passion burns and, hardly waiting for the evening to start, the man rushes in the delightful embraces of the mistress, forgetting about the wife and her suspiciousness.

However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first, when we forget about consequences and only focus on enjoying. If you sometime happened to get acquainted with someone on the side, then for certain you must know that by the end of the first month of the relations with a new girl, you begin to understand that it will not be possible to get out of it so simply. And when the heat dies away, the man begins to think of how to hide the mistress from the suspicious wife who begins to take actions in order to find the truth.

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How to keep love relations a secret

Practically each guy has a mistress and therefore own ways of keeping these relations unknown to the wife or the girlfriend for the time being. But once you will get an accidental call at two o’clock in the morning from the drunk girlfriend wishing to make a declaration of love urgently while you were sleeping with your wife, or even worse, you wife finds long blonde hair in your pants, which will lead to inevitable scandal, and even break-up in relations for some.

The most important tip is that it is simplest to hide the intrigues when change mistresses more often, so that there is no attachment and big reason for future contact. With short-term interactions, themistress does not manage to feel to have some rights, and will not start scandals with threats that she will tell your wife. Therefore if you do not want to create problems because of interacting with the wrong people, just avoid this risk completely by addressing to London escorts. London offers elite service with plenty of selection ofescrotagencies, which will help youdecide on the choice of the sexiest beauty and make sure your meeting, goes smooth. Just for an hour you can receive the most memorable time of your life with the stunningly beautiful girl that will be happy to help you relax, while your wife will never be able to find out.

If you don’t want to get caught cheating, pay with cash and never take receipts from your purchases. You can get busted on such small things such as a bill from a restaurant in your jacket pocket, found by your wife while you were away to work. It is good if you have an income of which the wife does not know, so she has no track of your expenses and definitely don’t bring the mistress to your house.  Also remember that any phone contacts are risky, if you even save the new girlfriend in your contracts as John Smith, your wife will soon become suspicious of the late night texts and will find a way to see the passionate texts from John. Therefore, in order to be safe you should have one more phone for secret purposes, which can be stored outdoors.

It is the best of all, of course, if your mistress has the same hair color as your wife, however this significantly narrows the options. However, otherwise be ready to find fast explanations of where has other females’ hair come from and why is it on your body. It is also a good idea to gift both the wife and the mistress the same type of perfume so that your women smelled the same. Surely check pockets before you come home, and if you had your mistress over, make sure there’s no traces left, as women like to leave small presents after passionate night.

Do not change the usual habits as this can raise suspicion of your wife. If you give to the wife flowers two times a year for birthday and your anniversary, then a sudden bouquet presented out of fault will not please her as much as make worried. This also comes things like sudden desire to wash the dishes for the first time after several years of marriage. Basically, behave and act as you always do, to avoid an investigation. If the wife wants to know the truth, she will quickly find all carefully hidden proofs.

Also, it is very important not to think that you are managing to foul around your wife and always be cautious when hiding the mistress. One small thing can change a lot and soon she will know everything, whereas you will be under threat of divorce.