Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker: The Multipurpose Appliance for Shallow and Deep Frying

Shallow and deep frying is a tricky business. No matter how hard you try, you may end up ruining at least one batch of the frying. It either gets overcooked or undercooked. You might end up using more than required oil or might not use enough. All these problems come to an end when you purchase a multipurpose appliance like Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker. This one-of-a-kind electric fryer can cook tasty snacks like samosas, nuggets, French fries etc. and that too with ease. Here is why Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker is a must-have appliance for your home:

Non-Stick Ceramic Coating:

Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker has a special non-stick coating made up of white ceramic, which has various advantages. It makes cooking really convenient and also ensures hygiene. The cleaning of the appliance becomes completely hassle free due to this non-stick ceramic coating. No food gets stuck to the walls of the container because of which it is easy to clean.

Specially Designed to Be a Cooker As Well As a Server:

In normal fryers and cookers, you can’t use the same pan for serving purpose as the pans get really messy and the handles are hot. The cook-and-serve design of Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker allows you to cook food in it and then serve it directly from it later on. This can be done by detaching the detachable cord from the cooker and using the grip handle that is attached to it. The appliance is really easy to carry around and you can easily store it as well. This makes Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker really convenient to use.

Keeps Your Food Warm for Longer Durations:

Many of us don’t eat our food right after cooking it. Sometimes, we just have portions of food and keep the rest of it in the refrigerator. We then reheat the food, but it never tastes the same as the first time we made the food. Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker eliminates the hassle of reheating the food. It has a unique state-of-the-art ‘Keep Warm’ mode, which allows the cooker to keep your food warm for long durations. You can cook your food early on and eat it whenever you feel like. It would always taste freshly cooked with Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker.

Prevents Overcooking of Food:

Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker is equipped with an automatic temperature control system, which maintains the right heat balance in the appliance. This means the food you fry using this appliance won’t get over or undercooked in any way. The temperature is maintained at the right balance due to which the food doesn’t get burnt or overcooked. You can let the appliance worry about your food and just enjoy the food.

Various Types of Cooking Can Be Done by This Appliance:

Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker can cook in multiple ways, which is why it is known as a multipurpose appliance. You can cook your favourite dishes with slow cooking flavour, but you can also go for shallow frying or deep frying of delicious food. The appliance is really versatile and almost all your cooking needs would be met by this appliance.

This appliance is certainly the best in the market as it has so many features tagged at such a reasonable price of INR 4500. Therefore, go ahead and purchase this multipurpose appliance for shallow and deep frying.