Lombok Sasak Tribe: The Culture and Traditional Cloth


Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara Province known to have many attractions such as natural, cultural, and culinary tourism destinations. However, this article will focus more on the culture. If you are interested, see the following review.

  • Sasak Wedding Culture

Lombok is known as the Sasak tribe, which is the original tribe of the Island of 1000 Mosques. The majority of the Sasak people are Muslim, but uniquely, several religious practices are different from the teachings of Islam in general. This is because the customs of the Sasak tribe are still strongly influential.

The easiest way to find Sasak customs is just before the wedding reception. If a woman wants to be married, she must follow the procession of “elopement” or “kidnapping.” The woman will be kidnapped by the man for several days, because the girl must be ready to be married off by the man.

Interestingly, this kidnapping marriage culture is still practiced today, especially for the indigenous Sasak people who live in Sasak Sade Village, Central Lombok Regency. Here the men can not arbitrarily kidnap, because there are rules that must be obeyed. For example, the man who will propose must bring several relatives as witnesses.

After “kidnapping” the girl to be proposed, the men perform a ‘nyelabar’ procession consisting of 5 people and must wear traditional clothes. This procession is a sign that her daughter is being “kidnapped” somewhere to be married off.

  • Sasak Traditional Clothing

Each region certainly has its traditional clothing with its own uniqueness. Likewise with the Sasak tribe in Lombok. Weaving and songket have never been separated from the culture of the Sasak people. You will discuss the following  further about traditional Lombok clothing.

  1. Pegon for Boys

Pegon is traditional clothing for men of Sasak Lombok. This traditional dress is the result of adaptation between Javanese and European cultures, which  then brought to the West Nusa Tenggara region. Pegon is often used during big  traditional ceremonies, so it is also called greatness and majesty for the Sasak people. These are the components of traditional clothing for Sasak men:


  1. Sapuk

Sapuk is a headband made of Lombok songket. The broom becomes a protective head covering the crown. The motifs of the sweeping and songket that are subordinates must be the same. The use of broomsticks is believed to have the purpose of keeping the mind from things that are not good.

  1. Leang

Leang is usually paired with cloth worn on the inside or commonly called slewoq. This cloth is made of songket, which is shaped on the front with a typical pattern of the Sasak Tribe, the ends are left hanging down as a symbol of humility.

Selepan: A sharp weapon that is tucked into a leang.

  1. Pegon

A typical Sasak suit that covers the back. Then the front button is fully buttoned, except for the bottom button. Indicates the majesty of a man and politeness towards others.

  1. Slewoq

Clothes tied at the waist and rolled up like a sarong. The ends are tapered and folded like a fan.

  1. Lambung for Girls

As for women, the traditional clothes of them are called Lambung. This traditional dress is used to welcome guests when a traditional ceremony is held, such as Nyongkol or Mendakin. The hallmark of the Lambung clothing is a V-shaped collar equipped with decorations on the edge of the shirt. These are the components in traditional clothing for Sasak women:

  1. Pangkak

The golden crown is tucked between the buns. Generally, this crown has the shape of cempaka flowers and roses.

  1. Tangkong

This dress symbolizes majesty for women. Dark colored clothes made of velvet or brocade.

  1. Tongkak

A cloth wrapped around the waist like a belt, and the end of the tassel is placed on the left side as a symbol of the fertility and devotion of Sasak women.

  1. Lempot

Woven cloth with a typical Lombok motif that is placed on the shoulders. The use of this cloth has the meaning of affection.

  1. Kereng

Lombok’s typical songket is used as a leg covering, wrapped around the waist with a length up to the ankle. The use of songket is often considered as modesty and fertility for women—complementary accessories such as necklaces and silver chains as belts.

While on vacation to Lombok, you will easily find indigenous Sasak people in Sasak Sade Village. This village is located in Central Lombok and a short distance from Lombok International Airport, heading to Kuta Mandalika. Besides seeing firsthand the culture and customs of the Sasak tribe in Sasak Sade Village, you can also learn many other things about Sasak Lombok.

Sasak Sade Village warmly welcomes the arrival of tourists, both local and foreign. Visiting this village, you can find out more about Sasak culture, which continues to be preserved and promoted as indigenous culture in Indonesia.

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