Mandalika Tourist Attractions That Must Be In Itinerary


Besides Labuan Bajo, Mandalika was also chosen as a super priority tourist destination in Indonesia. Not only does it offer a wide selection of exotic beaches, but Mandalika also has many interesting tourist attractions in it that are too bad to miss. Let’s find out below, shall we!

  1. Batu Payung Beach

Known as a unique beach in Mandalika, Batu Payung Beach is popular because it has a large umbrella-like reef on its coast. Interestingly, this beach does not have a stretch of white sand but has large rocks and corals that look like umbrellas. Now and then, the big rock is hit by the swift sea waves, creating a very charming effect. Don’t forget to prepare your camera.

  1. Seger Beach

Every year this beach is the place where the Bau Nyale traditional party is held. Seger Beach is familiar with cultural tourism. Here, in mid-February and March, hundreds of residents gathered on the beach to commemorate the sacrifice of Princess Mandalika. The residents commemorate it by catching sea worms. They believe this sea worm is the incarnation of Princess Mandalika, who wants to give happiness to the residents. Tourists can also join this festival. Another uniqueness of this beach lies in the statue of a woman with three men called the Putri Mandalika monument.

  1. Monument of Princess Mandalika

As mentioned in the previous point (Seger Beach), you can find the Princess Mandalika Statue, which has its charm, especially for tourists. When viewed, this statue depicts a woman trying to run away from three men behind her. Regardless of the story, while here, you can capture yourself as much as you want by taking pictures while enjoying a very beautiful sunset.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach

The next beautiful beach that you must visit is Tanjung Aan Beach. Besides directly facing the Indian Ocean, the location of this beach is also not far from Merese Hill. Tanjung Aan Beach looks curved with clear blue water. The white sand that stretches out looks charming with gentle waves, certainly captivating, especially for those of you who like to swim and snorkel.

  1. Gerupuk Beach

For those of you who have experience with surfing, you must visit Gerupuk Beach while traveling in Mandalika. The reason is, there are many fun spots to play with the waves, such as Batu Teong (Dondon), Prigi (Inside), Giligoleng (Outside), Batu Lawang (Kids Point), and Terasaq (Outside Left). Because of the sensation of the waves that international surfers recognize, the beach also has a characteristic beauty typical of beaches in Lombok, namely soft white sand and surrounded by beautiful green hills. If you want to relax, you can take a walk on the beach. It’s still a fun activity!

  1. Sade Village

In Sade Village, you can greet the native people of Lombok, namely the Sasak tribe. You can also see the process of weaving cloth in front of their terrace and even learn to weave. You can also go fishing and catch fish. The unique thing that you can notice is that all the houses in this village are still very traditional, with roofs made of fibers, walls made of woven bamboo (without nails), and the floor is still made of earth. Are you curious?

  1. Meresse Hill

Merese Hill is not to be missed! The exhaustion of 15 minutes of climbing to the top of the hill, will immediately be paid off by seeing the beautiful panorama of Mandalika from a height. The coastline of Tanjung Aan and Kuta Beach, as well as the gradation of the blue color of the sea water, increasingly spoils your eyes. Plus, green grass and sea breezes are ready to welcome you.

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